The Tram Of Shame



This morning.

Sean writes:

“I was riding the Green Line Luas at around 8.30am heading towards town. We pulled out of Beechwood [Luas station] and we’re on our way to Ranelagh when the top panel of first door beside the driver can blew out and shattered glass over everyone. I didn’t see anything hit the tram so thinking it could’ve been an air rifle or something. Luckily no one was hurt and the inspectors stopped us at Ranelagh had us exit the tram and proceeded to smash out the remaining glass before sending the tram back to the depot. Fairly shocking start to the morning though!”


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39 thoughts on “The Tram Of Shame

  1. Joeydalips

    Terrorists no doubt … high right that Green line .. #merica !!

    Or ! perhaps it’s vibration related.. glass weakness over time .. if not see suggestion A.

  2. Reegore

    Air rifle!!? The glass looks to be on the tracks so maybe if somebody was firing one about inside the carriage!!

    My money’s on good aul’ resonance.

    1. Colin

      .177 Air rifle wouldn’t do that. Perhaps a .22 Air Rifle but you’d have to be damn close. And even then those windows are toughened glass and you wouldn’t get that break pattern. I’m guessing thermal shock and stress.

      1. Mark Dennehy

        Yeah, a .177 pellet there would star the glass but unless you were standing right beside the luas it’s not likely to penetrate that kind of toughened glass. Watch:

        And that’s a hunting air rifle being used there, a normal air rifle won’t even get through plexiglass that’s half as thick as the luas windows::

        A larger .22 air rifle used for hunting with a heavier pellet and precompressed air tank might be able to get through the glass, but the entire window wouldn’t “explode” the way the poster described, it’d just punch a hole in it (not a very big one either). And it’d have left a crack or two in the window on the far side.

  3. TessaM

    There have been kids throwing stones at the Luas in the Beechwood area for years. Nothing is ever done about it.

    1. Selfie Sensation

      Really? I live in the area and ride the Luas frequently and I’ve never seen or heard anything about it?

    2. Selfie Sensation

      Really? I live in the area and ride the Luas frequently and I’ve never seen or heard anything about it?

    3. Mister Mister

      I don’t live in the area. But I believe you Tessa.

      {Throws stone and runs to the sound track of breaking glass}.

      1. rotide

        I know you’re being faceitous but 3 people from the area tell you its nonsense and you believe the randomer?

        Also, Beechwood reprazent!

  4. Murtles

    Whaddya mean “shame”? As in “tis a shame that window broke, it was gorgeous” or “shame on you window for breaking and frightening me on a Friday”.

  5. Grace

    So in terms of incidents of shame on the Luas so far this year, the tally now is Red Line 86, Green Line 1

  6. gerrup

    I was on that Luas too – there was a loud thud (like if someone really slammed one of the hinge windows closed) and I hoped we hadn’t hit an animal or something. We were all dumped off at Ranelagh and straight away the public service announcement was “due to an act of vandalism, this tram is now out of service….”

  7. Wayne Carr

    Trouble on the green line, and not at Windy Arbour? Obviously a pack of red liners have travelled off course.

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