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Luas and Dublin Bus passengers in Dublin city centre…

….as outgoing Minister for Transport Shane Ross warned:.

“We are going to get to a situation in the next few weeks where it’s close to bursting and where there’s not enough capacity on public transport.

“We’ve increased the capacity to 50% which will mean a lot more people can get on the buses and the trains but to match that, to protect people’s health, we’ve made mandatory face masks so everybody getting on to public transport in the next few weeks or days, they’ll have to wear a face mask.”

And good luck with that.


The plan first aired in 2006 for a cablecar which would run 80 metres above the Liffey between Heuston and the Docklands

We dared to dream big, in fairness.

An Taisce

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Earlier this morning.

At the intersection of Benburb Street and Queen Street near McGettigan’s Bar in Smithfield, Dublin 7.

A crash took place between a Luas tram and a truck.

The Dublin Fire Brigade have reported that one person has suffered non-life threading injuries.

One injured as Luas car derailed in crash with truck in Smithfield, Dublin (Irish Mirror)

Pics via Dublin Fire Brigade

This morning.


This morning.

Ronan Palliser writes:

8.53am (top): Luas tweets about a broken down bus on Dawson Street, Dublin 2.

(above): a tow truck arrives on site.

In the meantime, Luas trips from Sandyford to Stephens Green take an hour and a half, despite that being the actual route for years.

How does it take 2 hours to get a tow truck to a bus on Dawson street? Not a rhetorical question.


Yesterday, male Luas riders were blamed for spreading foul bodily odours throughout Green and Red Line trams in the current heatwave.

But what about the mouth breathing women?

Conor writes:

I’m more concerned about the people who don’t brush their teeth and insist on breathing through their mouth instead of their nose.

I actually got up and moved seat when a woman and her friend whose conversation not only nearly burst my eardrums, also nearly knocked me out with the nauseating smell from her unclean mouth.

Also women putting on a tonne of body spray is only creating a different problem. A plume of different artificial smells each so different from the next.

As someone with a sensitive nose this usually makes me sneeze.

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