14 thoughts on “De Monday Papers

        1. ABM

          Noonan will sort it all out. A quick chat to our best buddies in London is the way to deal with these things. Sure wasn’t the Queen over in 2011?

  1. ABM

    Very worrying headline on FT.

    Ireland is getting a bad name. A reputation that was built through blood and sweat.

    As for Burton and a “living wage”. You have to laugh at this socialist. Perhaps she might consider sorting out RAS – it’s absolutely ridiculous that working people have to compete against the work shy who are getting €950+ per month rent allowance. Also, she should consider that she takes 10.75% per hour from every worker in the country through Employer’s PRSI. People who buy exported goods don’t care that it costs a tenner an hour to employ an Irish person compared to 2 Euro per hour if they manufactured the product in China.

    1. Jordofthejungle

      Lol. “Work shy”. When was the last time you did an honest days work ABM? You are aware that being a professional internet troll is not an actual occupation? I would wager my taxes are facilitating your grim reality. Working professionals don’t really have the time you appear to have to devote to your displacement activity internet obsessions. Ah the hypocrisy of one squarely residing in the underbelly of society. Try harder next time. Thank you for the mirth though ABM.

      1. ABM

        A late night Labour Party shill justifying socialism.

        Which is great no doubt, until you run out of other people’s money to spend.

        1. Jordofthejungle

          Lol. From the low-born troll who replies at midnight? Not much to get up to today ABM? You never know – Broadsheet might give meaning to your risible day by mentioning abortion or marriage equality. Diddums.

          1. Anne

            Seeing as how ye talk utter shite in the morning as well, I have to say I find the muse is better at night myself.

  2. The bringer of facts

    I wonder how many reports it will take to find out about all the groveling and payments and tax breaks and envelopes and free holidays that the government has given for a lot of companies to set up here??

    I’m guessing we will find the truth out in about 30 years.

    1. ABM

      Ireland is an aircraft carrier for Irish companies.

      40 companies account for 2/3rds of all Irish exports.

      Without them, we’d be like any other regional UK city. Think Leeds with massive house prices.

      1. Jordofthejungle

        I’m impressed that you’ve expanded your sphere of internet obsessions ABM. I doubt though that house prices and the Irish economy are matters which perturb you greatly or are of any meaningful import to the pervasive low level squalor of your existence. Still, at least you’re still online and the government provides you with a few cents for the beer and the odd punt. You poor wretch.

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