34 thoughts on “*whimper*

  1. Little Lord Fauntleroy

    Why give this oxygen? Nothing story about a nobody from nobodys. I’m a nobody too but I don’t seek to shout about it. Leave this trashy trash to the Indo/Sindo.

  2. Fergus O'Leprosy

    I’ve never gone to bed with Twink.

    I think I might have woken up with her beside me a few times.
    -What is happening?

  3. Jackdaw

    I wouldn’t call it car crash television. It was more like a bus load of blind kids crashing into a bus load of special needs kids with a fiery inferno to boot.

  4. TK ickle

    She’s awfully loud when she’s shopping in Knocklyon Superquinn.

    It will always be Superquinn to me.

    *unwraps Marathon for cycling breakfast*

  5. SunshineB

    She’s dead right, who steals a dog?! You have to be a very particular kind of scumbag to do that, I hope she finds them and unleashes her wrath

  6. Squiggleyjoop

    If you break it down like so:
    Twink shouting down the camera at dognappers on a Saturday night talk show hosted by Brendan O’Connor and funded by the taxpayer….it’s not great is it?

  7. Colm

    Her dog was taken, and she was genuinely devastated and concerned for it’s well being. It’s an animal, and would have been terrified being removed from it’s home for whatever reason. It’s not right what happened. What if it was your beloved pet?

    And those of you busy getting your digs in on Twink. Everybody has issues, and instead of making a mockery of her for her media personality and mistakes, why not realise that she cared deeply for that dog. Maybe more of you should take that into consideration and put yourselves in her shoes.

      1. Colm

        Because it probably happens more often than one would think, and the fact that Twink is in the public eye would have given her a distinct advantage over the layperson in getting exposure for such an incident. Perhaps her ‘milking’ it was an attempt to publicise the phenomena and encourage anybody experiencing the same thing to make more of a big deal about it.

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