Private Banter




The FREE Dublin talking shop where ideas get TRASHED and pummelled about is back.

Banter founder Jim Carroll writes:

“We have a very interesting Banter panel coming up next week about privacy, which I think might be of interest to the Broadsheet massive…
Who Cares About Privacy in 2014? (Banter number 88, by the way). Panel: Rick O’Shea (2fm), Fiona Hyde (The Journal), Dearbhail McDonald (Irish Independent) and Mark Smyth (clinical psychologist).
“It happens on Wednesday October 8 at the Twisted Pepper, Dublin 1. Doors open at 6pm and the Bantering gets underway at 6.30pm sharp. Limited invite list. Add YOUR name here.


Who Cares About Privacy? (Banter)

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18 thoughts on “Private Banter

  1. Planet of the Missing Biros

    I hate banter. Pointless non committal hypocritical chat about nothing for people who have nothing in common to pretend to like each other.

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