The Pixar Theory


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Bloop Animation’s tribute to Joe Negroni’s popular theory whereby every Pixar movie is connected and exists within the same universe on a timeline from the fourteenth century to around 5000AD.

Your animated tinfoil hat will not prevent your animated mind from being blown.


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9 thoughts on “The Pixar Theory

  1. Tom Stewart

    Sure, interesting.

    But very weak in parts. For example, he says that “Now that people know the potential of animals, the start crossing the line and the hatred between the two grows. Thus begins the Industrial Revolution hinted at in ‘Up'”. Or, maybe in this universe, the Industrial Revolution just happens, just as it is likely to do in the development of any intelligent species?

    I mean, if you’re going to make leaps this big, you could link almost any 14 films together.

    1. Tom Stewart

      How does animosity between animals and humans cause an Industrial Revolution? How the f does that happen dude?

  2. edalicious

    Huh, I was kinda hoping for some actual connections between the films, little easter eggs or sneaky cameos or something, not just pure conjecture and tenuous make believe.

    1. Paul

      the only global connection between all of the films is the Pizza Planet van.

      the conspiracy is circular, stone-baked and covered in cheese.

  3. JollyRoger

    Wait wait wait wait wait! They seem to have created a temporal loop with there lose theory’s filled with a lot of assumptions

    *IF* Boo from monsters Inc was really the witch in Brave because she fell in love with Sulley (and decided to spend the her life searching for him (despite the fact monsters at the end of Monsters Inc turned to comedy to get their power) and the monsters are mutated versions of animals that act like humans because she (the witch Boo) then she was responsible for creating the monsters when she changed the animals to act like humans….

    er… so

    1.) Boo meets Sulley,
    2.) Sulley leaves and never comes back
    3.) Boo spends her life trying to find Sulley and figures out how to open doors to different times/places)
    4.) Boo goes back in time to Brave and magically manages to make animals act / talk like humans
    5.) Animals evolve / mutate to become the monsters in Monsters Inc
    6.) Monsters need power and get it by using doors to go to different times/places
    7.) Go to point 1

    you get the idea

    1. Tom Stewart

      I didn’t even get that far in this stupid theory.

      I don’t have time for – as someone said above – pure conjecture and tenuous make-believe instead of actual links.

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