You Want Fame?



Well fame costs.

And here’s where you start gurning.

The first 33 students and Stanley Tucci  on the first day of the third year of The Programme For Screen acting at The Factory, Bow Street, Dublin this morning.

Sez they:

“Like the Actors Studio in New York, the Programme entry is audition based with a view to creating the strongest group of actors possible…”

Perishing elastic faced tyke thesps.

*kicks off leg warmers*

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41 thoughts on “You Want Fame?

  1. eamonn clancy

    I hope they’ve learned off the most important line of dialogue they’ll ever need; “Is that for here or to take away?”

  2. Bobby

    Don’t think it’s The Factory anymore. They changed it to Bow Street, (since they moved out of the Factory and into Bow Street).

  3. Mike Baldwin

    Wow, you’re all so mean spirited. I guess you’re all probably quite tired from polishing your Baftas.

  4. Squiggleyjoop

    They look like very zany crowd. They should get their own sitcom about how zany they are and how it affects their chances of getting an acting job. Here’s the thing though: the fact they are in a sitcom about not being able to get an acting job means they already have an acting job. It’s like Inception.

  5. Janet

    What’s wrong with at least trying to follow your dreams, if it doesn’t work you can always retrain for a mind numbing office job after ?? Right ? Good luck to them.

    1. will-billy

      agree. have to say there are always a fair few gobshites commenting on this, ironically from their ‘real’ jobs no doubt

      1. Kieran NYC


        People in ‘creative’ courses like drama or fashion are always the most fun and interesting people.

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