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This afternoon.

Merrion Street, Dublin 2.

Students stage a sit down protest outside the Department of the Taoiseach to highlight the housing crisis.



This afternoon.

Kildare Street, Dublin 2.

Students from across the country demonstrate against the housing crisis as the Dáil meets.

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Screen Shot 2016-07-26 at 10.58.27

David Burns, of the UCD Students’ Union, writes:

UCD Students’ Union, TCD Students’ Union and Daft.ie are working together to create more student-specific bed spaces in Dublin ahead of the 2016/17 academic year.

The campaign idea is simple: encourage Dublin homeowners [or tenants who have permission to sublet] to let out spare rooms as digs to students by advertising the available tax incentives. Under Irish law, homeowners don’t have to pay tax on rental income earned from digs unless it exceeds a yearly cap of €12,000.

TCD, UCD and Daft.ie are promoting this information with geo-targeted adverts online which will be featured on DoneDeal.ie, Adverts.ie as well as a joint social media campaign.

The project is valued at €8,000 and features blog post testimonials of positive experiences.

Get tax-free rent for student digs (Daft.ie)



This morning.

Students registering to vote at Dublin Institute of Technology on Aungier Street, Dublin 2.

Kevin Donoghue tweetz:

“10 minutes and it’s bopping. #MakeASmartVote get down to DIT Students’ Union now.”



Yesterday: Home To Vote (Part 2)


During lunchtime at DIT Bolton Street, Dublin 1…



National Student Survey_campus_ie_graphic-01


Bob Coggins writes:

Already in its 4th year, and having received feedback from over 1,200 third level students nationwide in this year’s survey, our results continue to be the most comprehensive and accurate survey of third level students….

Above is a preview of this year’s results showing that 49.96% (50%) of students have considered dropping out of third level college or have actually dropped out.

41.7% considered dropping out, 8.24% dropped out The top three reasons for their consideration include mental health (24%), the course wasn’t what they were expecting (23.3%) and financial reasons (18.5%)….



At Trinity College Dublin.

A fleece-clad geography lecturer revolts.

Bob Kavanagh writes:

College Board member and senior academic Peter Coxon in Trinity urges students to take action against the College for what he calls “incredible erosion of our ability to teach whole sections of a geography degree without the discipline being given any indication of future staffing”. Issue in Geography Dept mirrors issues across college, with modules and staff being cut everywhere…

Powerful sediment.


Senior Academic Urges Students to Take Action Against College, with Staffing and Modules Cut Across the Board (Edmund Heaphy, University Times)

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Formerly unemployed mapper Omar Sarhan writes:

You may have noticed a lack of maps, that’s because I am now gainfully employed! So no staying up to till all hours mapping kebabs and the like.
I covered a topic on my blog about students in Dublin  2004-2014 before and followed up by creating a map and a few charts and graphs that some may find interesting. I’ll let the map (above) speak for itself and you can explore more on the topic via my blog post here.
If anyone is curious I am working with global spatial geo-datasets and logistics software in London, for a small firm called Map Mechanics. It’s pretty cool to work in a country where real business gets done and ….. (I better stop there before I offend :P ). I’ll hopefully create more maps over the next few weeks…

10 Years In Third Level Education (Omar Sarhan)