A Good Provider


DP1 Lissywollen Direct Provision centre for asylum seekers, Athlone, Co. Westmeath

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32 thoughts on “A Good Provider

  1. Odis

    I’m sure Direct Provision is a major concern to the Whitehouse and to President O’Bama in particular Brendan.

      1. Odis

        No – maybe you are missing the point I’m making.

        >e.g.Consider a Post on Cats
        This can be turned into a Post on Direct Provision thus –
        Did you know that people in Direct Provision aren’t allowed cats?
        And anyway how can you feed cats on 19.30 a week?

        >Relevance! ?? – If you are going to post on Direct Provision post on the subject! Not makky up crap FFS

        Not. “Hmmmm, no post on direct provision on Broadsheet YET today.”

        Inspiration – Charlie Flanagan is visiting the Whitehouse – Anyone any ideas on how to turn that into a post on Direct Provision?

        Cheap “journalism” trivialises and ultimately cheapens the cause it seeks to represent.
        That’s the point I’m making.
        Not the I’ve got anything against cheap and trivial, I just don’t think its the appropriate way of dealing with a serious issue. You may disagee.

    1. Mulch

      Yeah, might be missing the point there Odis.
      Or maybe sarcasm is difficult in text form. Fair point from Brendan though, its a bit rich from us to lecture the US on undocumented Irish when we have hundreds of people in Direct Provision for years.

      1. AliG

        Yea, the Americans would not let illegal emigrants appeal against rulings for year after year while being fed and paid by the state. Rightly or Wrongly they would kick the person out first time. If Illegal immigrants in Ireland were treated like those in the USA there would be no need for Direct Provision as they would have sought asylum in their point of entry into the EU.

        1. Mulch

          Well being fed and paid by the state is a bit much. We treat our convicted criminals almost better than these people.
          You’re right, the process of case, appeal, re-appeal needs to be fixed. It takes too long to go through an individual case and its not fair on the individuals as much as any cost to the state (which is still pretty minor). But you seem to think these people are just moochers. Do you think if they had a viable alternative, that they would be in DP for 7+years in some cases?!
          The whole reason someone seeks asylum is to escape a situation where their lives are in peril.
          The American issue is different as the majority of people crossing the border are not seeking asylum, they are crossing to seek a better life. If they haven’t followed the procedures, then the US are within their rights.
          DP shouldn’t exist because our system should be better equipped to get through cases in 6-12 months, not years.

        2. AhHereLeaveItOut

          If only you knew 1% of the formal and informal elements of the asylum system in Ireland which make it completely unfit for purpose and incredibly difficult, unfair and biased against applicants. Or if you had 1% of compassion to consider the reality of life for those who flee to then encounter such a system. ‘Rightly or wrongly’? You’re an idiot. ‘Illegal’? It’s not illegal to seek asylum – again, idiot.

          1. AliG

            How is it not illegal? Also most asylum seekers here have entered from other EU countries. If they were fleeing for their lives they would stop at the first safe haven, not travel all the way across Europe. We should have a system for allowing in economic migrants and stop pretending that they are all in fear of their lives. Educate yourself about the countries they have come from. Your attitude is like all the Americans that used to think Ireland was a war zone during the troubles.

      2. Original Cynical

        Try landing in America having just destroyed your passport and ticket and refusing to reveal your name and nationality.

  2. AliG

    I guess if the undocumented in America got Direct Provision they would be thrilled. Instead they get put in prison and eventually deported if caught.

  3. Sycamoreal

    The undocumented Irish in the US and the failed asylum seekers in Direct Provision here have very little in common.

    1. Italia'90

      Yes, you are quite right. He is very busy being the president of the USA.
      He is only an office holder in North America.
      The rest of America, the continent, is doing fine without him.
      Have you finished name calling for the day?

  4. tomkildare

    AGREED STOP DIRECT PROVISION!!!!!!!!!!!!! We need to set up detention centers like many other countries like america

  5. brianharvey4life

    trobuff your mother is a well known troll who hangs out the road at 2am looking for punters

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