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Five year old Iris Grace , who has autism, only started painting last year but her impressionistic style has already been likened to the work of Monet. Her mum, Arabella Carter-Johnson sez:

I make up some cups of very watery paints, she chooses which one she would like to use and gets me to make more when she needs it and she mixes her own colours from mug to mug. Her autism has created a style of painting which I have never seen in a child of her age, she has an understanding of colours and how they interact with each other. Not only does painting lift Iris’s mood and help her engage with the world around her, but it also helps raise awareness of autism…”When you are a parent or a teacher of a child with autism and you are trying to interact with them you are constantly looking for ways to find that key that will allow you into their world,” says Iris’s mom. “For me seeing Iris’ love of painting was just that, a precious key.


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16 thoughts on “Iris Grace

  1. Liggy

    Fabulous paintings, what a truely gifted girl and I would say that no matter who they were painted by.
    Companion cat is quite fab too…

  2. dylad

    Was looking at the website – It must be hard to come up with names for the pictures. Hope it’s the real deal.

  3. Planet of the Missing Biros

    Beautiful paintings.

    Autism seems very prevalent these days. Is it down to better diagnosis?

      1. CousinJack

        Off topic – more 50% of american would be diagnosable with a mental disorder if DSM5 if followed, big money for big pharma (ssssshhhh)

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