Car engine-dwelling Bosca.

Three legs and a dream.

Dublin SPCA writes:

“We have a very special kitten called Bosca who is looking for a family to adopt her. She has been through an awful lot in her young life. She was found in a car engine on the Tallaght by-pass. She must have been in there for some time. Her leg was badly injured so she had to have it removed as you can see from her picture (above). She is a quiet little girl so will be best suited to a calm house where she will get lots of attention. Bosca has been fostered by a staff member so is not currently based at the shelter. If you would like to meet her , please email the Cattery – cattery@dspca.ie and we will get in touch . Thank you…”


Dublin SPCA (Facebook)

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5 thoughts on “Catburetor

  1. Nikkeboentje

    Just in case anyone is worried about the three leg side of things; I had a three legged cat when I was younger (her front leg had to be amputated after she was knocked down). The fact that she had three legs did not negatively impact her life in any way. She ran as fast at the other cats, caught mice and would fearless jump from trees, roofs, walls etc. She was full of love and lived to a very old age.

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