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West Ham United Manager David Moyes (left) picked cat-kicking pariah Kurt Zouma (right) for their game against Watford this week

This afternoon.

Further to shocking pussy-footing shenanigans in British scoccer.

Via Football365:

‘Not for the first time, David Moyes has put himself in the Johnsonian position of having ‘rank gormless stupidity’ as his most plausible defence. Because the alternative is far worse.

‘…But really we shouldn’t be surprised Moyes got this so wrong. For all the goodwill his West Ham efforts have generated, he has shown his hand more than once.

Those vaccination comments were horrendous. Moyes said: “We talk so much about diversity. If we want diversity, players should have a choice about whether to take the injection or not. We have to respect everyone.”

‘Even if we overlook the inherent stupidity at the heart of this view which requires us to accept that anti-vaxxers have the double whammy of exercising personal freedom over their body but also to override everyone else’s personal freedom over their own bodies, we’re still left with that use of ‘diversity’. Like we said: it’s either crass, uncontestable stupidity or a nasty, disingenuous attempt to co-opt something noble and admirable to defend twats.

‘If we want diversity, perhaps we also have to respect players’ choices about whether to kick their cats and film it.’



Moyes is Johnsonian in defence of cat-kickers and anti-vaxxers (Football 365)