Tommy Can You Hear Me?



Some Twitter reaction to the documentary Tommy: To Tell You The Truth on RTE 1 last night.

How was it for you?

Inspiring free form comedy jazz?

Or Krusty the Clown?

Only you can DECIDE.

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24 thoughts on “Tommy Can You Hear Me?

    1. Ironballs McGinty

      I’m just glad someone eventually had the balls to speak out against the Mrs Brown juggernaut.

  1. Buzz

    I watched 10 minutes of it. The woman asking ‘what’s going on, I have a babysitter’ was funny. It seemed a bit self-indulgent on Tiernan’s part. If he wants to experiment rather than entertain, he could always just do free shows.

  2. FFS

    Funniest bit was when the women told him she liked it more and more, until Tommy deciphered that she had said she liked Dylan Moran more.

  3. JD

    Painful but interesting. Documentary was average, there was too many shots of trains, and planes with thoughtful background music and not enough insight into the experiment. A baffling documentary on one level. He just never seem to get any traction with the comedy based on the footage that was shown assuming they put in clips of the best bits as well as the bewildered moments.

  4. mike

    Interesting doc and sometimes laugh out loud funny. Mildly disturbing when he goes on a rant, but he seemed able to retrieve the moment, …. eventually.

    At one gig he seemed to be channelling Billy Connolly.

    Would make you wonder though, about the footage that was not shown.

    I’d go to see him again in Dublin.

  5. Al Jeers

    Were the audience members at each venue apprised of his intention to not do pre-prepared material? Maybe this was covered and I missed it?

  6. Delacaravanio

    He wasn’t funny, or insightful, at best he was rambling. A lot of the people at the shows were clearly drunk, high, or giddy, and were there to see his “isn’t Tommy mad craic altogether” act from 10 years ago. By talking in whispers he got a laugh, by shouting he got a laugh, by running into the crowd he got a laugh, but he wasn’t doing, or saying, anything funny.

  7. mammy

    Anywhere we can see the docu online? I was at his show in Belgium and would love to know what that was about.

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