Calling All Pagans


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Barbara, Lora and the Féile Draíochta Team write:

We are the organisers of a small non-profit community festival celebrating unique aspects of Irish culture in the run up to Halloween. Féile Draíochta is a one day event being held at the Camden Court Hotel, this Saturday (4th), and is open to everyone. With a wonderful selection of unique talks, workshops, entertainment, and market stalls there’s sure to be something for everyone interested in, or curious about, Irish spirituality and Paganism.

Mark Graham from “A Year of Festivals in Ireland” interviews Féile Draíochta’s Lora O’Brien here.

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4 thoughts on “Calling All Pagans

  1. FatHead

    Irish spirituality and paganism reconstructed thousands of years later from fragmented writings of Christian monks originally written down hundreds of years after said practices ceased to be… practiced? The best kind!

  2. Sharrow

    Looking forward the event day, nice to catch up with people and to come away with new things to think about.

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