Meterocracy Mouthpiece





A small trickle of the palpable flood of invective for RTÉ News and current affairs’ lack of coverage of protests throughout the country against the installation of water meters.

RTE News Timeline (Facebook)

Yesterday: Irish Water: Bringing Communities Together

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37 thoughts on “Meterocracy Mouthpiece

  1. Kieran NYC

    There should be a literacy test for posting online.

    Even with autocorrect, these people…

    1. Sinabhfuil

      There probably should, but most of these tweets are grammatically correct and without misspellings.

    2. Mister Mister

      IQ tests too. But then again, as one fool says, they’re thinking of moving to China which has “similar human rights to that currently in operation here”, we might be better off if they all do up sticks.

  2. Wayne Carr

    Is there truth in the factual rumour that our forefathers paid for water before those f**king Jack Lynch-led a***holes abolished all taxes in the late 1970s?

  3. Jonesy

    The issue is that we already pay for our water, we will be paying for it twice if these charges come in.
    Agricultural Minister Simon Coveney even said
    “at the moment Irish taxpayers are paying about 1..2 billion euros for the cost of water, water is not free at the moment”
    If you were to change from ESB to airtricity and ESB had you continue to pay your bill that would be fraud wouldn’t it and we would take them to court. Irish Water are a private company, no different to ESB. No Consent, no contract

          1. charlie

            rain water is already distilled. you just have to filter it. the water cycle is a huge distillery and filtration system.

          1. GG

            Can’t help but laugh when that comment comes up. Some people don’t realise the extent of the treatment process for drinking water. They don’t just pump water from the liffey to your home. There’s a lot more to it than just that.

      1. Colin

        RichieRich. €1.2bn for the infrastructure, not the actual fluid itself.
        IW have said that they intend for the revenue raised to pay for the updating and maintenance of the “infrastructure” so where has the taxpayers 1.2bn for “infrastructure” gone?

      1. SOMK

        Well the bottom ten deciles spend 17.67% on VAT, 8.82% on excise, 0.44% on levies and 3.1% in indirect levies and .3% in income tax, for a total of of 30.64%, 30.34 of which doesn’t count apparently, so okay, if they are living in a house that was build in the last 10-15 years or so 40% of the cost of that house would have been in taxes too. Unemployment is currently around 12%, during the boom long term unemployment was around 1%, so it’s reasonable so assume that were the jobs available most of those on welfare would be working and paying income tax anyway.

        But that’s assuming most of the commenters listed up there are on welfare, they generally seem to be a bit older (late 30’s to 50’s), and none of them are wearing baseball caps, doing gang gestures, or have hash leaves in their profile pictures…

    1. Amadan

      “The issue is that we already pay for our water”

      Does that mean that a defined part of the VAT when you buy a Mars Bar is earmarked for water? If the State decides to, say increase the old age pension, do they need to reduce the water slice of the Mars Bar, or can they pick a different one? What if they In what sense does introducing a water charge constitute ‘paying twice’ if the State decides (rightly or, in my opinion, wrongly) that that is the best way to control consumption and fund infrastructure work?

      There are a lot of good arguments against Irish Water and these charges. Saying ‘But we already pay for water!’ isn’t one of them. It is glib, makes you look (*ahem*) poorly informed, and suggests that the people you’re addressing are stupid.

    2. Outta me Bento Box

      Well, people who have their own well won’t be paying twice so shove your “issue”.

      In fact now they won’t have to subsidise the workshy numbskull freemen above.

      great times.

    3. Kill The Poor

      No Consent, no contract !

      Has to be the most annoying thing to come out of this, idiots spouting this thinking it actually stands for something.
      The best way to protest this is in the next general election so dont vote for FG, dont vote for FF cos they put us in this mess, SF are economic numskulls, Lab didnt exactly cover themselves in glory, deffo dont vote for a one issue independant or we’ll get a dail full of ex FF’ers like Wallace and the New Beginning’s shower………so that leaves us with ??

      What a wonderful country !

    4. Medium Sized C

      It surprises me how many people I see writing “No consent, No contract” yet there was a complete lack of any electoral support for direct democracy Ireland in the Local and Euro elections.

      Because the only way people would have to consent to this, would be in the case of direct democracy.
      Just a thought like.

  4. Lilly

    Instead of covering the protests, Sean O’Rourke had a boring report on the price of a bath blah blah. Mentally prepare the plebs for what’s ahead and there will be no revolt.

  5. Amadan

    Looks like the Freemen are still in business: Comments like “No contract, no consent” make me tingle in anticipation of another feast of legalism word salad! Ever since Direct Democracy (or whatever they called themselves) sank without a trace in the local elections, we’ve been starved of this essential counter to the ennui of modern life.

    Please please please let one of those morons end up in court to spout their gibberish – it’s sooo amusing.

    1. Mister Mister

      The No Consent No Contract fools have put their leaflets into the baskets of my local supermarket.

      On the same leaflet they went off on one about how we’re all being illegally poisoned by forced fluoridation.

  6. The florist

    I constantly pass workmen putting in water meters right across the city, have yet to come across any of those widespread demos, just sayin

    1. Frilly Keane, Anyone?

      Well I can confirm that installation was stopped in D12’s Stannaway Ave and on Captains Avenue.And by less than a dozen people.

      And relatively peacefully too. However IMO they were were more like Joan Collins’s Canvassers and pals than anything else

  7. Medium Sized C

    How much I’m gonna be charged for water is way more important news that the water protests that have been going on for months.

  8. rugbyfan

    what if everyone stopped paying the TV Licence. Water over that pile of rubbish in donnybrook anyday!

    1. Shockabilly

      What is it that RTE deliver now that Ireland really needs, what is their raison d’etre ? Apart from the GAA (and you know there’s appetite among other broadcasters to show that) RTE is not watched in our house at all. Their audience in the under 55s must be falling off a cliff. Bit like the Catholic Church in that they are increasingly irrelevant to younger people.
      What do they do that private companies couldn’t do? Wasn’t there a report a few years ago which proposed that they become a commissioning house only?

  9. Mr. T.

    Whatever you think about water changes, RTE are most certainly not reporting the issue impartially. The lie about water being cut off or reduced is still being peddled by them, Donkey O’Rourke’s crap show being a habitual offender.

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