Mystery ‘Bad Boy’



What is that bad boy?

Captain Curious writes:

“This car was infront of me yesterday in Booterstown [Co Dublin] with this weird antenna type thing on the back. Doesn’t look like any car aerial I’ve ever seen. Wondering if your readers might know what it is…”


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33 thoughts on “Mystery ‘Bad Boy’

  1. TheQ47

    Probably a parking aid, to assist in parallel parking, notifying the driver where the back of the car is

  2. TK Ickle

    I had something similar on me Raleigh burner as a kid. Them huge car aerials were all the rage in the 80s

      1. Slightly Bemused

        Ah, that would explain it. Its missing the flexible whip at the top, which he would probably not want on in the city (problems with overhead wires and such)

  3. Slightly Bemused

    Looks to me like a HF radio antenna, but not one in good condition. Curious to see on Irish roads but very common in Africa, for UN and NGO vehicles. At a guess I would say that is by the company Hustler, but I am not certain. The antenna itself has a resonate (the black bit) and a ball mount to be able to take vibration from driving.

    I used use a lot of these, but by the company CODAN which are quite different.

  4. Ocean Mikado

    Could it be Irish Water reading meters?? From their website – Meters will be placed in a meter box, which will be fitted underground on public land. These meters will feature Automated Meter Reading (AMR) technology.These Meters can be read by a ‘drive by’ method rather than by an individual visit by a meter reader. This means we won’t need to enter your property to take a reading and we can read them more efficiently.

  5. isallimsaying

    Had a type of Scalextric when i was a kid. You had to fit a spike under the car and it would slot into the tracks. Instead of magnets((like Scalextric) there were coiled springs that travelled within the road and dragged the racing car around.

    His is upside down.

  6. DazzaMazza

    Its a class 2 cylon homing beacon. That or just a stupid antenna. But it looks like a class 2.

  7. Spaghetti Hoop

    It’s a tightrope walker’s balancing pole. I know this guy, he’s Ireland’s top funambulist.

  8. WOD

    Reminds me of the bumpers.. anyone know where there’s a good bumpers… where you’re still allowed to bump? used to be gas craic, during the local feshtival, when the pumpers would be in the square, and the lad would be on the loudhailer… “no bumping”! think they used to let you bump in the bumpers in Tramore.

  9. The Clack

    It’s an unmarked Garda Penalty Point Enforcment vehicle, that antenna picks up signals from people holding their mobile phones whilst in control of a motorised vehicle. The camera hidden behind the tinted rear window now has a picture of you holding your phone, expect the fixed penalty notice in the post.

  10. BabyJesus

    It’s Ken Doherty’s motor & that’s his spare snooker cue. I should know as I happened to be in the car at the time, moving his balls and chalking his tip.

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