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Developer Gerry Barrett (top) and the CIE site at Ceannt Station, Galway

G Van Helsing writes:

Are you able to explain how Galway developer Gerry Barrett was selected to develop the CIE site at Ceannt Station, a site of more than 8 acres in the centre of the city?

This is the same Gerry Barrett, NAMA alumnus, who last November was in the high court trying to stop a receiver being appointed to seven of his insolvent companies that owed Deutsche Bank almost 700 million euro.

How can this guy be given one of the biggest developments in the country when his existing companies seem unable to pay their debts? He even has a site that backs onto the CIE land. Nice and Handy!  If this is where failure gets you, why would anyone be bothered with success?


Pauline Dunne writes:

Is this a new fashion term or has someone at Asos just run out of words?

We may never know.

Hoodie Sweat Dress with Lace Yoke (ASOS)

GK writes:

1. Bought something last week online for $99 from America (€87)

2. DHL delivers and asks for €48.48 duty payment. I say it’s more than 50% of the actual item cost.

3. DHL delivery guy says I can ring and query the charge at Dublin 8448317

4. Got through to a call centre guy who hadn’t a clue what I was asking. Told me to ring Dublin 8448220 (Import Team)

5. Rang Import Team… no one available today! Leave a message and we’ll call you tomorrow.

6. Tried to leave a message but their Voicemail didn’t work!

7. Is this a Trump Trade Barrier ?


Slattery’s, Beggar’s Bush, Dublin 4

Credit on tap?

Anon writes:

Was in Slattery’s last night. Looked at the receipts. They charge an extra 20c for tapping your card. They weren’t apologetic…is this not illegal?


Pic: TripAdvisor




Survivors of the Tuam Mother and Baby Home and friends gathered at the site of the mass grave on Saturday for a Remembrance Day for the 796 children believed buried there.

Last month, to the dismay of survivor groups, Minister for Children Katherine Zappone released a letter she gave to Pope Francis regarding her hope that the Vatican will pay for the exhumation costs.

Saturday: Meanwhile, In Tuam

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‘A Dishionest Exercise’

Seating for Hozier at the Olympia Theatre in december

Hozier tickets update.

Alan O’Regan writes:

 General release 9am this morning. 9am rolls around: all tickets gone. For all 3 nights!

Not the most important thing in the world I know but an absolute disgraceful state of affairs. I fear the only ones crying power are Ticketmaster…

Hozier at the Olympia Theatre (Ticketmaster)

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Alan O Regan writes:

Anyone get presale tickets for Hozier this morning? They were gone at 9am (the time when they were supposed to go on sale).

Remember when you could buy tickets to gigs you wanted to go to? You could even pick where you wanted to sit.

I will happily fight anyone on the street who says that these tickets aren’t being bulk bought somehow.


Camping at the All Together Now Festival, Curraghmore Estate, County Waterford this weekend

Janine writes:

So we are going to the All Together Now festival in Waterford this weekend in a camper van. I heard today that we are not allowed use the gas cooker or fridge because according to the moderator on the facebook page:

No gas cylinders are allowed on site . Any gas will be confiscated on entry” and that we will have to disconnect and remove cylinders before arrival at the festival

This kind of defeats the purpose having paid an extra €60 for a camper van ticket.

Seeing as all campervans fridges and stoves run off gas I am wondering how they are planning on enforcing this – practically every camper will have a cylinder, It seems a bit ridiculous to me.

Has anyone ever heard of this at any other festival?


All Together Now Festival

Ah here.

James Cregan writes:

just went onto Done Deal to see if tickets for the Hurling Final were up…..thinking they would not…but low and behold (above). Is this even possible?