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“Most of the transmission that is actually happening in many countries now is happening in the household at a family level. In some senses, the transmission has actually been taken off the streets and pushed back into family units… now we need to go into families and find those people who are sick and remove them and isolate them…”

Michael Ryan (@1.15), Executive Director of the World Health Organization’s Health Emergencies Programme earlier this week.

Owen writes:

Under the new Garda powers, can they actually do this snatch and grab here in Ireland?


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Definitive rules, anyone?

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Covid-19 unemployment payment form

This morning.

Further to Michael Taft’s column on the political economy of the coronavirus

Broadsheet commenter Wearnicehats (see comments) has two questions about the Covid Pandemic Unemployment Payment.

The payment of €203 per week for six weeks, via employers who will later be refunded by the State, was announced earlier this week for anyone who has lost their job or who has had their hours reduced due to the coronavirus.

Wearnicehats writez:

I’m still a bit in the dark about this supposed scheme to get employers to pay the emergency payments. I’ve looked on the website etc and it says that the staff member needs to fill out this form and return it by post and then apply for jobseekers within 6 weeks

Now the form that they have to fill out states that they need to confirm that the employer is not paying them, give all their bank details etc.

My question is two-fold, should the employer wish to pay:

1. How do the DEASP know to pay the money to the employer, not the applicant.

2. What happens if the employer pays the money from week 1 but the applicant doesn’t apply for jobseekers within the 6 weeks?

I’ve spoken to a few employers who would like to do their bit but don’t actually understand how this works so aren’t mad keen on doing so given that they need to hang on to cash at the minute, especially as most SMEs will be at the mercy of their landlords as to whether or not they will have to maintain rent payments.


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Was it for this?

Sam at Come Here To Me writes:

A History of Royal British Legion social clubs in Dublin & Wicklow is here. Structures in Killester, Inchicore & Enniskerry still stand….

…Has anyone more information about Legion Halls (long gone) in Balbriggan, Shankill, Harold’s Cross & possibly Swords and Donatabe?


Royal British Legion Halls (Come Here To Me)

James Larkin Road, Raheny, Dublin 5 on Wednesday, March 4

Wednesday evening.

A woman in her 30s died following a road crash in Raheny, Dublin 5.  The pedestrian was struck by a van after it mounted the path along the James Larkin Road shortly after 7pm.

Derek writes:

Lots of conflicting stories about this incident much of it probably rubbish….That the van had travelled for at least a km and that there were more injuries [than have been reported]. Any of your readers know what actually happened?


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Bohemian FC 2020 away jersey, in new partnership with Amnesty International Ireland


If only we had a mad lad chancer with an in at FIFA.

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Here’s mine.

What’s yours?