15 thoughts on “Ripoff Toys

  1. Bingo Slimz

    Big Fella! That is one of the best things I’ve ever seen. Some of the other best things I’ve ever seen are most of the other toys pictured here. The cheek is fantastic.

  2. 15 cents

    trusty ol Robert Cop … the brain damaged, mutilated, radioactive furniture of law enforcement

  3. Richard

    “Demon Donkey” clearly will turn your kids into gay pagans, but if that happens you can always buy them a”Breast Chaser”

  4. .meh

    ahem…(pushes glasses back on nose)… the Breast Chaser name is a ripoff of the Japanese Transformers line Breastforce, so called because the Breast animal robots would change into breastplate armour for the Transformers.
    However the toy is a rip off of the Cho Kosoku Galvion toy from the 80s anime…. (leaves room to a stunned silence).

  5. Lorcan Nagle

    It’s an ARII kit though, and they were legit. It’s just an engrish name – it should be Burst Chaser

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