‘Mellifluous Meter, Superb Storytelling And Righteous Rhymes’



The Lingo logo (top) and the spoken word line-up, from left: Roger Hudson, Karl Parkinson, Kalle Ryan (organiser), Fergus Costello, Phil Lynch (organiser), Genevieve Healy, John Cummins (Lingo Poet Laureate), Ailish Kerr, Stephen Clare, Alicia Byrne Keane, Andre K’Por, Paul Timoney, John Moynes (‘most-read living poet in Ireland’), Erin Fornoff (organiser), Stephen James Smith (organiser), Andy Cummins 

Ireand’s first ever spoken word festival.

Includes Broadsheet’s popular Parnell-chinned ‘ricksmith John Moynes (arrowed).

Kalle writes:

“Last week we launched LINGO, Ireland’s first ever spoken word festival. It will take place in three Dublin venues (Workman’s Club, Smock Alley Theatre, The Liquor Rooms) over the weekend of Oct 17, 18 & 19. We are a totally independent festival run by a small committed group of passionate people who love spoken word and want to shine a light on the remarkable scene currently happening in Ireland.
Our bumper packed programme of mellifluous meter, superb storytelling and righteous rhymes can now be downloaded directly as a PDF.
It is brimming with a host of highlights, including headline sets from All Ireland Slam Champion John Cummins, Ireland Chair of Poetry Paula Meehan and UK spoken word sensation Polarbear, The Monday Echo, Over the Edge, The Brownbread Mixtape, Nighthawks, PETTYCASH, Weekly General Meeting and more. So much more.
Tickets are also now on sale from entertainment.ie here , with individual events priced as low as €10 and day passes for only €16. Weekend passes are already sold out! The festival will even feature a performance from broadsheet’s very own lyrical limerick wordsmith John Moynes. Expect rhymes.”

Lingo – A Spoken Word Festival (Lingo)

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17 thoughts on “‘Mellifluous Meter, Superb Storytelling And Righteous Rhymes’

  1. Eamonn Clancy

    “Spoken word”? Have they just served from the 17th century? Words can only be expressed by speaking. They become lyrics when they’re sung.

  2. Mani

    Let’s not forget beat poetry phenom ‘Ad-verb’, who promises to ‘bring it’ like ‘it’ was out of fashion. The organisors would like to take this opportunity to offer their condolences to the family of world champion punctuator ‘Interrobang’ who was beaten to death by a sock filled with scrabble tiles during the week.

  3. Rep

    Well, the Brown Bread Mixtape is great so if this is of the same level, it should be good fun. Fair play to them. The ‘Three Men Talking About Things They Kinda Know About’ was excellent as well, Colm Keegan is wonderful.

    1. Hirsuit Hare

      You are related to them or maybe you have slept with all of them? or maybe you are related and slept with all of them? sicko.

      1. Rep

        Nope, I just enjoy Brown Bread Mixtape every now and again and though that the ‘Three Men Talking About Things They Kinda Know About’ pay was excellent. You should look it up, it possibly on youtube somewhere. And Colm Keegan is a genius. He does Nighthawks. Don’t see him in the pic above though.

  4. Aoife

    Why all the negativity? It’s great that Ireland has a festival like this!

    With so many talented poets here, it’s great they have the opportunity to perform and be supported.

  5. SycamoreAl

    Oft i Had heard of Lucy Gray
    And when I Crossed the wild
    I chanced to see at break of day
    John Moynes

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