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Deadly ‘Murder’ hornets from Asia measure up to 2 inches and can wipe out entire honeybee colonies within hours

One thing that we don’t want to see
Is the end of the poor honeybee
So promise you will
Go straight out and kill
A hornet or two or else three

John Moynes

Pic: BC Ministry of Agriculture

As foreign tourism seized up so did the flow of free bananas tossed their way, prodding the macaques of Lopburi, Thailand (above) to turn to violence.

The tourists might think that it’s sweet
To see apes running free on the street
But think of the strife
To spend your whole life
Surrounded by monkeys on heat

John Moynes


Spain’s art restoration laws will be tightened following two disfiguring attempts (right) to restore Bartolomé Esteban Murillo’s ‘Immaculate Conception’ (left)

It’s time for someone to explain
To art lovers over in Spain
That a faded Old Master
Can become a disaster
In seconds. Don’t do it again.

John Moynes

Montage: Europa Press 2020