Some Assembly Required




Correspondents say Sweden’s move [the first from a long-term Eu member] is likely to be strongly criticised by Israel and the US, who argue that an independent Palestinian state should only emerge through negotiations….

Sweden to recognise Palestinian state (BBC)


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27 thoughts on “Some Assembly Required

    1. bisted

      …well…you can occupy an existing one…set about ethnic cleansing and genocide of the existing population…make yourself a nuclear power and blackmail the US into giving you unequivical support…ignore UN declarations, especially on human rights…refuse to declare borders and continue ethnic cleansing.

  1. Friscondo

    Negotiations my hole. Israel is only interested in more land and killing off the idea of a Palestinian state. Nice one Sweden. Let’s hope more states have the balls to follow their example.

    1. Sam

      Well, there’s a country not too far from here that has on it’s main street a plinth with the words “No man has the right to fix the boundary to the march of a Nation”… unfortunately, that country has neither guts nor spine in it’s ruling class, whose members seem to have an anatomy that is 50% neck by weight.

  2. mauriac

    when bibi was berating the u.s. president live on t.v. for not being tough enough on Iran I half expected Obama to snap and ask how many illegal nukes Israel was packing…

    1. SOMK

      Free anti-semtite with every flatpack eh?

      Actually the anti-defamation league who monitor global levels of anti-semtism rate Sweden as the least anti-semitic country in Europe, and third least anti-semetic country on Earth, with Gaza being the most anti-semitic (93%) and Laos being the least (0.3%). So with a population of just over 9 million Sweden would have about 360,000 anti-semitics.

      Ikea last year had a revenue of 25 billion, so assuming 80% of their revenue is flatpacks and the avergae flat pack cost is 50 euro, that’s 400 million flat packs per year, over a million a day, meaning that if Ikea were to enagage in the rather odd promotion of giving away a Swedish anti-semite with every flatpack, they’d have run out by lunchtime on the first day.

  3. rugbylane

    When a dramatic misfortune hits Sweden in the not too distant future (a “terrorist” atrocity, a high profile political assassination, a crashed airliner etc) – just think back upon this declaration and ,make the link

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