15 thoughts on “The Electric Breakfast

  1. Custo

    I used to love The Slate. I scored a job writing cinema reviews for them for a while too. Good times.

  2. Rep

    The Capel Bar, previously The Claddagh above, looks well ropey during the day. I’d fear what it is like in the morning. Nice to see the Chancery was always the same.

    1. Thomas

      I came here to say, that place would be in contention for dodgiest pub in Dublin. I live nearby and there’s always regularly fights and general hostility outside.

    2. rosie

      i ended up here one sunday morning.
      somewhat scary crowd on first glance, including two strung out junkies, but no hassle at all despite me being on my own thouigh the barman.(?owner) was pretty unfriendly.
      that said i would never chance going there again as it is a complete s***hole.

  3. ryry

    Been a while since I was in the Chancery, has the advent of The White/ Dark Horse changed its clientele?
    I remember the first time (in my clubbing lifetime) that someone had the lightbulb idea to stick decks in an early house and charge in. First one was after a Trinity Ball and they made a killing. Free ice-pops and fruit were a nice touch. Was one of the early houses on Capel Street. Forget which now.

    1. The Old Boy

      The Chancery has the same collection of head-the-balls it ever had. I’ve seen the same auld fellas close to death outside every morning since the smoking ban came in. I don’t know how they do it. Some of them are holding up better than me.

  4. bisted

    …thank you Slate, thank you Broadsheet….my education is now complete….madouvits. I knew I’d encountered many madouvits over the years but never was able to pin an appropriate epithet until today. Also, great reviews.

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