Fracking Our Souls



Think you know about fracking?

Think AGAIN..

Jessica writes:

I thought some Broadsheet readers might be interested in the free Irish Premiere of Unearthed (feature documentary about the process of Fracking), which will be screened in Trinity College Dublin  on Monday October 6 at 7pm as part of the 8×8 Festival.

You can register for tickets here.

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6 thoughts on “Fracking Our Souls

    1. Paolo

      Biased against the poor oil and gas speculators you mean? The guys who pull all of the profits, natural resources and destroy the environment and move on to the next location where they can start all over again.

  1. Miriam Cotton

    I’ve made a film about the evils of rape.

    First comment up? ‘Is it a biased or an impartial film?’ Well, hell yes, it’s ‘biased’!!!

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