29 thoughts on “All Fired Up

  1. Bazler

    Cant wait. Its going to be a car crash. Sometimes I even find it hard to watch this cringeworthy tv gold.


    1. Sheikh Yabooti

      Agreed. Candidate video 2? “I know a lot about myself.” Stalking horse. Hopefully will get close enough to end this travesty. Google it.

  2. miko

    Is being completely unaware a requirement for this show? Is the irony of talking about being aware of oneself while demonstrating that same unawareness a requirement? Comedy Gold. Don’t forget to “linkin” with them on linkedin. These babies are going places….

  3. Mr. T.

    Nobody likes aggressive career types.

    They have no friends anyway. They’ll just end up driving that new beamer around on their own and living in that penthouse by the docklands, all on their ownio.

    Then they go onto Elite singles and meet other sociopaths and have competitive relationships and end up all alone all over again.

    All that money. But all alone. Alone with a takeaway delivery menu, a stash of Galaxy bars and something hidden in the underwear drawer.

    Just you and a rubber friend.

      1. will-billy

        i used to like it as well. well at least the professional business people e.g. lord sugar and karren brady. but i found i started despairing for humanity and had to start watching eastenders instead

  4. Tobias

    “Vivarious”? Google is also baffled…
    I’m guessing Pamela meant that she’s vivacious, or else vicarious, which wouldn’t make a whole lot of sense…

    1. Mick Flavin

      Viviparous? Sure we all can brag of the same thing.
      Except Mani…He hatched from a crusty black egg his mother laid the day after a date with Derek Davis.

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