Heavily Pregnant And Abandoned At The Airport




We’ve all been there, in fairness.

Cats’ Aid writes:

“Jill is our Cat of the day. She is a very affectionate and gentle 2 year old female cat who was found abandoned near Dublin Airport heavily pregnant. She had 5 kittens who have all been re-homed and now it’s her turn! She is a total sweetheart and would be a great addition to any family. She is neutered and vaccinated and her bags are packed ready for a forever home!”


Cats’ Aid (Facebook)

10 thoughts on “Heavily Pregnant And Abandoned At The Airport

  1. John E. Bravo

    Why don’t animals get upset at the removal of the offspring? Which is to say, why do I have to go home for Christmas?

  2. Just sayin'

    She’s damaged goods now. No man would want her.

    Just kidding, lovely looking cat. Is there a Cat of the Day centerfold pin-up?

  3. Mani

    Ireland is exporting it’s problem again I see. 45% of pregnant cats are forced to leave these shores for a termination. Vote ‘Yes’ on proposition 25b and end their misery.

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