Making Plans Like Nigel



Senator Tom Sheahan (Fine Gael) voiced his fears over Ireland’s immigration policy in the Seanad this morning and said:

“…where we could have serious problems. What I hope to happen in this improvement in our financial circumstances is that our people will come home from Australia, America and Canada etc and they will benefit.What I’m fearful of is, there’s nothing there presently to stop 40 or 50,000 of our European neighbours to come into the country and benefiting from this upward curve in our financial status. The European law is what needs to be tackled here….I believe we need control, we even need to be selfish, we even need to be selfish…I also believe that we don’t have the capacity in our education system, in our health system or we don’t have the housing…Maybe my thought structure or maybe my approach is very simplistic but I do believe that self-preservation is needed here.”

We’ll fight them on the beaches.

Bloody foreigners coming over here and dying in our maternity hospitals.

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63 thoughts on “Making Plans Like Nigel

      1. Kdoc

        No he’s not. If, as he states, we haven’t got the structures in place: housing, health, education etc., how could we cater for all those who left our shores that he wants to see back home? His waffle is just straightforward xenophobia.

        1. scottser

          and the ebola – sure they all have the ebola. if ye let them in we’ll be dead within the fortnight.

        2. Steve

          Some here seem unaware that this country was set up to look after the interests of the irish people first and foremost.

          The Senator should have pointed out half the people on the housing list in Fingal were foreign nationals.

    1. realPolithicks

      So the country that has been sending it’s people(including myself) to other countries for generations, now wants to close it’s borders to newcomers. The fascists really are in control over there. Cead mile failte, me bollix!

  1. ZeligIsJaded

    At least he puts his hand up and calls himself a simpleton.

    Presumably he expected us to stop listening at that point

  2. rotide

    I’d tend to agree that mass immigration to the country is probably not a good thing at this point.
    I’m open to correction though.

    1. Mark Dennehy

      Mass migration of workers to Ireland from the EU (what he’s jabbering on about while our taxes pay his salary) is very easy to prevent.

      You just have to leave the EU, give back the funding they’re providing, accept the immediate and inevitable economic collapse that would follow, deal with the barriers to exporting goods to the EU that it would introduce, accept the barriers to Irish people migrating to work in the EU that it would automatically raise, and generally prepare yourself for a return to the irish economy of the 1950s…

      1. Sam

        don’t worry, he’s only a politician, he doesn’t actually mean any of this (other than his concern for self preservation (his own sinecure)…

      2. Steve

        Except thats not true mark, the UK and now Germany are planning on curtailing free movement.

        Theres as much chance of us leaving the EU as the EU is of handing back our fish.

        Alan Shatter even had a meeting during his tenure in office with other eu home ministers, being an immigration fanatic tho he didnt bring the topic of the impact of hundreds of thousands of eastern europeans moving here were.

  3. Jack Aranda

    I think he’ll find that most right-minded people are more concerned with the cronyism that leads to morons like him ending up in the Seanad and on state boards.

    1. Sam

      Well, I’ll accept that you’ve said what you said, and I remind you that the system is under , I mean, the Taoiseach has promised, to reform the current system, and we stand by the unelected position held by Senator Knobshiner McWankweasel.

  4. ScareySarahCarey

    Another one of the legion of failed TDs in the Senate (over half the current Senators have run and failed to be elected to the Dail)

    Rejected by the electorate -. go hang out in the Senate for a few years and pick up a ridiculous salary, while you wait to have another crack at persuading the people you are worthy of a place in the Dail.

    For all who voted to retain the Senate, how’s that reform going on?

  5. YourNan

    i bet he hasn’t minded the millions of euros poured into this kip to get it up to western standards only to be pissed in the wind by all and sundry in the ponzi scheme called irish economy, so now let’s blame the european neighbours. thick culchie inbred knob.

  6. Sidewinder

    I’ll give him one kudo for admitting he’s selfish. But he may have no more kudos since he, in the same breath nearly, mentioned how Irish people have immigrated into fupp loads of other countries for centuries.

      1. scottser

        in fairness, she’s a bit of a grammar nazi, and you get no kudos for that. you do however, get withering looks and plastic smiles.

    1. Steve

      Hey Sidey, what countries have for their immigration policy is none of our concern. Whats the logic, that because irish people emigrated in the past, we need a free for all here? LoLz, no thanks.

  7. phil

    We cant have irish immigrants back, who know what they learned abroad , they might have encountered competent public services and government. They may have seen a relationship between tax take and services provided. They might actually be able to stand up from themselves…

    Too dangerous I say…

  8. Kolmo

    What about all the multi-nationals comin’ ‘ere, abusing our corporate-friendly tax regime, no loyalty to the country, and having numerous politicians batting for them in the media..costing us -literally- billions of euro in lost taxes due to avoision! Yeah!

  9. Drogg

    Emm does he realise that even with the upturn as he called it we are still suffering austerity and that we still are outputting more then we out imputting to our economy.

  10. Louis Lefronde

    Speaking as a Non-National….

    I don’t suppose it was domestic Irish geniuses who created the likes of Google, Facebook, Linkdin, Intel, Apple etc all of who are based here thanks largely to Ireland’s membership of the European Union

    Imagine telling these ‘foreigners’ not to come here, when they clearly enjoy freedom of establishment and EU citizens enjoy freedom of movement

    Where would the economy be then, Senator Sheahan?

    The man is clearly an ignoramus.

    1. scottser

      nonsense – george o’ogle set up google and named after the first part of his eircom email address. facebook was originally called facebuke only the foreigners didn’t get it. intel is irish, sure isn’t based in celbridge? apple may not be irish yet, but when their faced with the inevitable tax bill, sure they might as well move here lock, stock and barrel and save d few bob, wha?

  11. jungleman

    It boils down to him not wanting to be served by them bloody foreigners in Rathmore petrol station.

      1. scottser

        the old dude over his right shoulder looks like the teacher in pink floyd’s ‘another brick in the wall’ video.

  12. Kieran NYC

    “Dear Other Countries

    Thanks for having an immigration system that allowed hundreds of thousands of Irish people to escape for a few years from this wreck of a country. Thanks for providing jobs, skills and experiences. We’ll have them back now that everything’s better, thanks.

    And you can’t come. Because you’re foreign and worthless and smelly.”

    The absolute ARROGANCE of this guy!

    1. scottser

      no, you see you can’t lump all the foreigners in together. we like the foreigners who took in our migrants and we invite them back over so we can fleece them of the few bob. it’s the poor, smelly foreigners who land here for the dole we don’t want. and lumping all de foreigners in together, sure that’s racist.

  13. Paval

    How he can talk about the thousands of Irish people availing of jobs in other countries in one breath and then complain about the thousands of non-Irish people availing of jobs here without seeing the contradiction is indicative of the level of parochial thinking here. You can’t have it both ways.

    1. scottser

      on the contrary, to the political classes ireland is the shining example of how you can have your cake and eat it. they’re not supposed to go on about it and poor old sheahan is letting the cat out the bag. usually there’d be someone sitting behind him with a ruler, poking him in the back and telling him to shut the hell up before he gives the game away.

    1. scottser

      ah, you can’t do that. who’s going to p1ss and vomit on our street corners and start fights outside our chippers on match days?

  14. diddy

    He’s right to acknowlege the simplicity of his argument but its true that globalisation has its disadvantages, particularly to the price of labour.. unfortunately we cant have it both ways.. we could however enforce strict non EU immigration rules to protect Irish/EU access to our jobs market in an era when jobs are scarce all over the world

  15. CousinJack

    Does this guy live two doors down from Enda? Or perhaps he was a shining beacon in GAA, or some other cronytastic qualification

  16. Pothole

    As a better man than me said.

    “Of course foreigners steel your job
    but maybe if someone without contacts, money or speaking the language steels your job
    you’re sh!t”

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