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This afternoon.

Bonnington Hotel, Swords Road, Whitehall, Dublin 9.

Scenes from the launch of the Irexit Freedom Party led by  County Derry-born former Nigel Farage aide Hermann Kelly.

The draft political programme for the party states that “an exit from the EU would permit the Irish people to take back control” of citizenship, currency, immigration, sea-fisheries and trade, among other things.

Its programme also pledges support for a “reunited and independent Ireland under the control of the Irish people and not that of either London or Brussels”.

Among the party’s secondary objectives are opposing the “political / media hegemony”, “protection of the Irish language” and as a “patriotic party” it is “pro-nationalist and supportive of stable families for procreation”.

From top: Irexit Freedom Party leader Hermann Kelly; from left: Mr Kelly, Kate Lawlor and Ray Basset; Raymond and Amanda Gallagher; Ray Kinsella; audience members; Paddy Manning; Ms Lawlor and Mr Kelly.

‘Irexit’ group seeking to register as political party (RTÉ)



Rob writes:

UKIP launched their manifesto for the UK General Election yesterday. A friend of mine has the misfortune of having to read it for his nub and has been sending me the “best” parts. It’s as mad as you’d hope. As well as saying burquas should be banned because they deprive the wearer of vitamin D they are also looking to Bono for policy advice…

UKIP General Election 2017 Manifesto


Senator Tom Sheahan (Fine Gael) voiced his fears over Ireland’s immigration policy in the Seanad this morning and said:

“…where we could have serious problems. What I hope to happen in this improvement in our financial circumstances is that our people will come home from Australia, America and Canada etc and they will benefit.What I’m fearful of is, there’s nothing there presently to stop 40 or 50,000 of our European neighbours to come into the country and benefiting from this upward curve in our financial status. The European law is what needs to be tackled here….I believe we need control, we even need to be selfish, we even need to be selfish…I also believe that we don’t have the capacity in our education system, in our health system or we don’t have the housing…Maybe my thought structure or maybe my approach is very simplistic but I do believe that self-preservation is needed here.”

We’ll fight them on the beaches.

Bloody foreigners coming over here and dying in our maternity hospitals.

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