Shredded Street



Smithfield [Dublin] this morning.


Thanks Simon Geraghty

UPDATE: We’ve removed a second picture from this post that included a popular shredding company van in the background. They had nothing to do with the strewn ‘ticker tape’ and the van was  just parked there. They were were getting a ‘carpeting’ from some of their customers today about it.

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15 thoughts on “Shredded Street

  1. Simon

    Some youngfellas were throwing recycling bags full of the shredded paper at each other yesterday evening when i was passing on the luas.

  2. Murtles

    A jigsaw lovers dream come true. Plus plenty of tidbits of information to be found on shredded docs for future backmailing purposes.

    1. Alan

      I concur, professional shredders make confetti (cross-cut) inside their trucks. These long strands were from office shredders and placed in bags for refuse collection (can’t be recycled – the fibre’s cut to short).

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