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Julia Holcomb with Steve Tyler in the 1970s


Tumbledry writes:

“You might be interested in this invite, issued to all Oireachtas members and political staff by Ronan Mullen. Seriously….”

Julia Holcomb?

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81 thoughts on “Talk This Way

          1. Loony Loo

            Sorry Sharrow, my question was in poor taste. Thanks for the response all the same. I hope you have a lovely day.

  1. Medium Sized C

    Someone who is keen on a topic is trying to drum up interest in a presentation on said topic.
    A politician holding a presentation on his side of a matter of public debate.
    Ronan Mullen is anti-abortion.

    I don’t see how anything here is even remotely remarkable.

    1. scottser

      d don’t think her story, and the stories of the other women are going to be as clear cut in terms of regret as mullen thinks. no doubt part of the reason for julia’s regret will be the shame and guilt she was made feel by certain members of the community (like mullen and his mob) for going through with her termination. also the alienation she would have felt from her peers, the lack of anyone she could talk to about her ordeal. mullen will not pick up on the nuances of her experience, but will only hear ‘i regret having my termination’. i hope she makes him squirm in his chair, the callous turd.

      1. Loony Loo

        Maybe she just regrets no having the child, and not knowing what he/she may have accomplished in their lives?

          1. Loony Loo

            I hope for her own good she knows who he is, because he plans on putting her on a pedestal to prove his point of view. Will be very uncomfortable viewing if she thinks hes her new BFF, and just wants to show off where he works.

    2. Mark Dennehy

      Might the remarkable bit be the fact that Mullen acted like a complete degenerate to the couples who were giving their experiences in exactly the same kind of meeting because they were in favor of abortions because they’d all had to cope with fatal foetal anomalies? And now he’s calling for a “respectful” meeting after behaving like such a thug himself?

      1. ahjayzis

        That’s unfair.

        I’m sure it was only the wombs-on-legs he was a c**t to.
        Please show proof Ronan was rude to the menfolk!

    3. rotide

      Of course Medium Sized C is correct.

      It doesn’t stop the zealots of broadsheet trying to character assasinate her though.

    4. Sidewinder

      It’s noteworthy because if any one of the fifteen or so regret free women I know walked into him tomorrow with a calm, short presentation on why they don’t regret it there’s no way he’d even accept an appointment never mind send out an invite. He’s scum.

  2. Mrs Stapleton

    A fanatic is one who can’t change his mind and won’t change the subject.
    – Winston Churchill

  3. SOMK

    Just to clarify Julia Holcomb (going by her account) met Steve Tyler when she was 16 and he was 25 at a concert, he adopted her as a ward, presumably exposed her to a drug taking lifestyle she wouldn’t ordinarily have encountered, she got pregnant and after nearly dying in a fire, when she was five months pregnant, she was bullied by Steve Tyler into having an abortion.

    There’s obviously a lot of things wrong with that scenario, most of it revolves around a man in a position of power abusing it for his sexual jollies without taking into account the interest and wishes of the teenage girl giving him said jollies.

    In Ireland not very long ago a raped asylum seeker was forced to give birth under caesarean.

    Any ‘right’ thinking person should be appalled by both scenarios and they have a common problem, and it’s not abortion, it’s that neither woman was in charge of what was fundamentally happening to their bodies.

    1. well

      “she was bullied by Steve Tyler into having an abortion.”
      Thats a detail that should really be mentioned more.

      1. Clampers Outside!

        No, not when she doesn’t use that language herself.

        And, in her own words, about his pleading with her to have an abortion… Finally he gave up and said, “OK, you can go home to your mother’s and have the baby there.”

        I’m not saying Steve was right or anything, but if you are having a go, have a go with the truth first. More, in her words, here –

    2. rotide

      Jesus, SOMK you’re doing a lot of spinning there.

      Tyler had nothing to with the fire and as has been mentioned she was already exposed to that lifestyle.

      If you don’t agree with her stance fine, but there’s no need to color the story to get your point across

    3. Sidewinder

      Hear, hear.

      Anti-choice people talk about boyfriends forcing women into abortions while screaming about why doesn’t he get a choice. Simple answer – forcing an abortion on a woman and forcing a pregnancy on a woman are both bad things. Any pro-choice person knows that.

      1. well

        “Anti-choice people talk about boyfriends forcing women into abortions while screaming about why doesn’t he get a choice.”

        I cant believe i never spotted that one before


  4. phil

    Sorry i should read what she has to say, but if she is going to talk about the difficulty teenagers had getting information about contraception, in the 70’s , I dont think Ronan would be a friend of hers in that regard. Maybe she is going to talk about the age of consent, I think maybe the Catholic church might have plenty of data on that …

  5. Tom Stewart

    So let me get this straight. She regrets her decision to have an abortion. Therefore, take the choice away from all women to rule out this possibility in the future (regardless of other women’s personal circumstances, reasons, etc. etc.).

    If one person regrets a decision they made in life, then surely the solution would be to share one’s experience so that others in the future may benefit from it in making their own decision. If only this were Rónán Mullan’s aim.

    Instead, he will use this woman’s experience later to justify banning abortion entirely. Hey Rónán? If at the age of 60 I deeply regret getting a tattoo when I was 30, would you propose the outlawing of tattoos? Of course it isn’t. You bloody moron.

    1. Tom Stewart

      Sorry, I meant to delete this part before I posted “Therefore, take the choice away from all women to rule out this possibility in the future (regardless of other women’s personal circumstances, reasons, etc. etc.).”

    2. Clampers Outside!

      She found God through the Methodist Church and converted to Catholicism in 1992 and has since been very much on the anti-abortion side for decades…. so, she’s likely in full agreement with Ronan on this.

  6. Don Pidgeoni

    I imagine that having an abortion at 5 months is a completely different kettle of fish to having one at 8 weeks – long enough to feel it zipping around in there, planning for the future etc. Of course you would feel differently about an abortion you had at this stage! But you can’t compare them and you can’t compare your experience to someone else’s – especially if you were forced as has been suggested.

  7. Jordofthejungle

    Respectful? About as respectful as Senator Ronan Mullen was to the women who came to tell members about their harrowing experience of fatal foetal abnormality and their excruciating painful situation made even worse by our so-called pro-life abortion laws.

  8. ahjayzis

    Can we organise a meeting of ex-Christians who regret their former involvement and devotion to spreading the a̶n̶t̶i̶-̶h̶u̶m̶a̶n̶ ̶t̶h̶e̶o̶c̶r̶a̶c̶y̶ love of the Bishop of Rome?

    I mean I think it needs to be talked about more.

    And like Ronan says, if one person or ten people regret doing a named activity, it’s probably better we ban it outright. I mean like, if the vast majority of the thousands and thousands of Irish women who’ve had an abortion don’t regret it – well they might be wrong about that and just not know it, like, you know? More prayer is needed in any case.

    I dislike peas, make it happen Ronan.

  9. Jordofthejungle

    This is typical extremist pro-life propaganda trying to equate a late-term abortion with any abortion whatsoever. Medical reality is such that an early term abortion is in no way equivalent to a very late term one. There is a world of a difference between removing a cluster of cells in the first few weeks of pregnancy to aborting a fully formed foetus.

    As usual though the abortion debate is hijacked by extremists, the no-term limits pro-choice brigade and the “pro-life” Ronan Mullen et al religiously driven clap-trap which believes that a fertilised egg or an early embryo which has no nervous system, no consciousness and no awareness is as full a human being as is a new born baby or for that matter a fully formed second trimester foetus. Depressingly this woman’s story is used merely to advance the latter cause in a attempt to further polarise the debate.

  10. Kill The Poor

    Id say she rught up his street
    as she says “Marriage and the family are the building blocks of all virtuous societies. I learned this lesson in a trial by fire that taught me to trust God’s plan no matter what occurs. I pray that our nation may also find its way back to God by respecting the life of unborn children and strengthening the sanctity of marriage.”

    1. ahjayzis

      Typical reformed harlot.

      She’s had her fun, overdid it, now the rest of us have to be nuns.

          1. rotide

            If our good friend Ronan or anyone of his ilk used the word, it would not be a ‘figure of speech’ , my hyporcritcal little friend.

          2. Sidewinder

            Harlot alone, yes, “reformed harlot”, no, not if used in the context ahjayziz used it in.

        1. Sidewinder

          The reformed harlot is a concept in gender studies as well as religion and literature. Women shamed and harangued and shamed some more by society until they finally cabe in and submit by standing up shouting “I deserve to be shamed!” That way men can go “All women should listen to what that woman has to say! I don’t care how many of you disagree with me as long as one woman does!”. See Mary Magdalene, Dracula, the Book of Genesis and any woman who has sex in a horror movie pre-scream.

  11. Loony Loo

    Abortion is such a confusing issue.

    We are agree that in most cases if a baby is not aborted, it grows to be a real person.

    Well then, if it is aborted, what happened to young Mike or Mary? Do they not exist because we say so?

    1. well

      Can in most we agree that if two people have sex their sperm and eggs that manage to merge will grow to be real persons.

      Well then if they don’t have sex what happened to young Mike or Mary?

      Taking this argument to its conclusion Loony Loo every second of your life that you fail to spend forcing yourself on women is killing millions.

      1. Loony Loo

        I don’t understand your point.

        *thinks hard*

        ahhh I understand.

        Is your point that because it is undifferentiated cells that it can’t feel anything or experience pain, so it doesnt matter.

        ‘Well’ articulated.

        1. Mark Dennehy

          Well, “undifferentiated cells” means that there aren’t any nerve cells and therefore no nervous system or brain, so, basically, yes.

          Mind you, even when the cells differentiate, it takes quite a while for that nervous system and brain to develop and activate anyway…

          1. Loony Loo

            Hey Mark, thought you went for drinks and pies with ahjayzis and Scottser.

            Is it the case that you believe there is no such thing as soul, just a collection of cells that start to function once they have developed the ability to do so. So aborting before they form is of no consequence?

          2. Jordofthejungle

            You’re keen to test others’ logic but not your own. If you really believe that every two or four cell embryo is a human infant, then one can only imagine your own struggles when intra-uterine contraceptive devices kill them or when in-vitro fertilisers freeze them until needed or indefinitely. You must weep at the thought of every woman accessing the morning-after pill intent on destroying a fertilised embryo, a cluster of cells deserving of the full rights of an independent human. While your position is medically questionable to put it mildly, it is perhaps theologically sound. A fine basis for legislation you’ll agree.

          3. Sidewinder

            @jord just to stick my oar in here – he type of morning after pill available in Ireland prevents conception, it does not prevent implantation and so is not an abortifacient.

          4. Mark Dennehy

            Correct Loony.
            It’s exactly the same as deciding not to have sex with someone in the next minute; that potential person won’t ever exist but that doesn’t mean someone’s doing something wrong…

          5. Loony Loo


            If that’s the case, I guess you believe when people suffer from degenerate diseases of the body or brain that they are fundamentally degenerated. That the body is not in fact separated from an entity like a soul. It’s not a vehicle.

            Did you ever hear an old person say, I feel like i’m twenty five at heart, while acknowledging that their bodies,and physical facilities may not be.

            If a person is in a coma for a number of years, it definitely is not the case that something in the brain is ‘fixed’ then they wake up. Where did they go?

            In the same light these cells although they may not have the capacity to express it, may have the essence of life.

            Just a thought.

          6. Mark Dennehy

            > I guess you believe when people suffer from degenerate diseases of the body or brain that they are fundamentally degenerated.

            That doesn’t follow. If I cut off my pinky finger, it doesn’t affect my legal rights. Likewise if suffer from dementia (though we do have legal mechanisms for cases where people go from being autonomous to needing legal guardians, so in those specific cases you might have the kernel of a point, but you need to do a lot more work to flesh it out).

            As to this “essence of life” stuff and the arguments based on it, that’s – to be polite – horse droppings. Any argument you’re making where we have to close our eyes and wish really strongly that nobody asks an awkward question regarding actual proof is not an argument at all, it’s suspension of disbelief. Great thing for when you’re watching the movies, but pretty awful and inhumane as a basis for policies that affect the lives of actual real people…

          7. Sidewinder

            +1 to Mark. Not anything in particular that you’ve said, just you in general. Champion stuff.

    2. ahjayzis


      We’re not slaves to possible futures.

      Women who undergo a preventative hysterectomy are not to be condemned for the loss of the life that could have come from her had she not decommissioned her oven, likewise the women who terminate a pregnancy.

  12. Anne

    “he type of morning after pill available in Ireland prevents conception, it does not prevent implantation”
    @Sidewinder, that’s not correct.

    ‘Morning after pill’ in Ireland, does the same as the morning after pill everywhere else.

    reduces the chance of a fertilised ovum implanting in the womb. It also inhibits the release of eggs from the ovaries at the time of ovulation. – Levonelle. Which I’ve taken. In ireland.

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