The Rebuilders




A Sinn Féin promo for the party’s  alternative budget launched by Gerry Adams and Pearse Doherty (top) at the Davenport Hotel, Dublin earlier.

Nice sad music, in fairness.



Seems legit.


Mr Kenny launched a scathing attack on Sinn Fein’s economic plans after receiving the party’s pre-budget submission. He said the party’s tax proposals would “close down the country” and result in a 73pc cumulative tax rate.
The Taoiseach said the party’s proposals to abolish water charges leaves a €500m black hole in Sinn Fein’s budget strategy.

Enda Kenny: ‘Sinn Fein budget means workers paying tax rates of over 70pc

Budget 2015 (Sinn Féin)

(Leon Farrell/Photocall Ireland)

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59 thoughts on “The Rebuilders

  1. Mister Mister

    The 3 R’s in the background there.

    You know a political party are in trouble when they take their policies from the political satire “Veep” on TV. Will they remember what the 3rd one is, or will they stick with Repel ?

  2. scottser

    they’ll do better than expected at the next election despite their policies. they can say what they like at this stage because the other parties are so bunched.

    1. Dudey

      “bunched” – I like that.
      ‘Scuse me, I’m just going to the toilet. I can feel a big bunch coming on.

    1. Walter Ego

      @Bacchus, as opposed to the other civil war parties that destroyed the Countries finances.

    2. ScareySarahCarey

      I still think the fact that Sinn Fein/IRA get credit for their part in “ending the troubles” is the greatest bit of political manipulation ever.

      A case of demanding that everyone tell them how awesome they are for not continuing to kill any more people and if people don’t, they’ll go back to killing more people.

      1. paul m

        But sarah, everything is awesome and not just sustained peace processes bourne out of long and protracted negotiations with armed and political wings of terrorist organisations with multiple government representatives and peace brokers from no less than three countries pledging finacial aid and reinivestment in rebuilding communities, livelihoods and society after years of siege and guerilla warfare in return for decommissioning arms, officially disbanding the military wing of your organisation and an agreement not to return to weaponised ways of old. but thats pretty awesome too.

        political manipulation is believing that one person is the bad guy and the other is the good guy.

          1. ScareySarahCarey

            Sorry – apologies for thinking people who kill people and organise punishment beatings are the bad guys.

          2. ScareySarahCarey

            Sorry – apologies for thinking people who kill people and organise punishment beatings are the bad guys.

  3. Ultach

    Yes, the music is nice. Errant fada accent on Átógáil (sic) tells all you need to know about the Shinners’ contempt and misuse of the the Irish language. Dare correct them and they pine on about how they’re “doin aar best” despite puritan “dissadants”. Can’t be arsed to recruit, sorry, unfortunate connotations with that word, engage a competent translator or proofreader. Or learn to spell. Also, interesting graphics. For “Repair” they use a sticking plaster. Hmm. And for “Rebuild” they opt for a UK Men At Work road sign. Indicative of their current strategy for achieving a united Ireland?

    1. Ultach

      And while I’m at it, is the “Renew” symbol showing that they’re going round in circles?

      1. Ultach

        Giggles they may be to you Clamps, but they come from a seething dark frustrated place. Oversharing?

          1. Ultach

            Chuckle away. Only jokin like. *seeth, twitch, grunt, manfully making light of political and cultural betrayal, bray, howl …*

    1. ScareySarahCarey

      Sinn Fein economics – basically they’re going to take it off whatever is €5 richer than the voter they are talking to.

    2. scottser

      they still have a few bob tucked away from all those donations to ‘the cause’. you should see the size of gerry’s mattress..

    3. CousinJack

      Perhaps they’re hoping the British government will pay for everything like in the north, £7billion subvention,

  4. John

    lets tax everyone who is working so we can pay more to those who don’t do a tap!! that should be their slogan. that or lets tax all the decent jobs out of Ireland so we can all work in admin.

    1. Mr. T.

      Well lots of people who earn loads and dodge their tax because they can pay accountants to help them are the very same people who fire low wage earners so they can save money and make even more profits for their greedy paws.

      Those people contribute almost nothing to the exchequer or society.

  5. Dudey

    Intresting to see, Enda’s already counted the astounding sucess story, that is the water charge, into the equation.

    1. ReproBertie

      As have SF. They claim they’ll give us back €800 million by dropping the property tax and cutting (not getting rid of) water charges.

      But where will they get the replacement €800 million to run the country?

      1. Mister Mister

        But sure going from the other Water Charges stories, we already pay for out water, twice over. So the €800 million will be paid for by our taxes which we’re already paying.

    1. Selfie Sensation

      Are you soft in the head? They can’t decrease taxes and increase spending, it literally doesn’t work that way. If you believe this codswallop now I hope you are ready to be disappointed by them if they get in to power.

      1. Gers

        Only one person is soft in head and that would be you for thinking that finances cannot be dealt differently. Leaving the Euro zone and shoving “the debt” up Merkel’s a** would be a good start for saving a few bobs. There are many ways to Rome, FF & FG couldnt even find the door if they tried.

        1. ReproBertie

          You really are soft in the head if you think leaving the eurozone is a good move economically. The US multinationals that set up here do so because, as well as our favourable corporation tax, we are the only English speaking Euro-zone country.

          1. Gers

            And why would US Multinational would want to leave if Ireland wasnt in the EU? The corporation tax and access to services is maintain and directed by Ireland, not the EU . Its easy to say that its not a good move economically but I dont see you presenting argument to support that.

        2. Selfie Sensation

          I don’t hear SF talking about leaving the Eurozone, I do hear them making promises that suggest they and their followers/supporters don’t know how to balance a chequebook.

    2. donal

      They won’t have my vote, but I’ll be quite happy if they achieve electoral success. It’s only in power that conmen are exposed. FF are now known to be conmen, FG & Labour are now known to be conmen, and it needs a bit of SF government for them to be sen as conmen too. Then, with all the major parties discredited, we can start anew*

      *possibly wishful thinking on my part…

  6. nerf _sed

    “In Budget 2015 Sinn Fein will”!!?? Surely that should be “Sinn Fein would”! Thankfully the shinners are not in a position to do anything in budget 2015. That’s in Mick Noonans safe hands. Unless they’re talking about the North!!?? ;-)

  7. MaryJane

    Broadsheet; the new mouthpiece for FG. Hang on, but SF are pro abortion lads! Get your editorial together!

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