Crane Of Defiance



Lucan, Dublin yesterday evening.

Sasko writes:

“Two upset brickies are continuing to stage a 200 foot high sit in protest on a crane claiming they have enough food for eight days. Protesters Gary Gleeson (top left)  and Luke Fitzpatrick (right) who are members of Unite trade union are claming they earn just €4.90 euros a hour while working on the site of Kishoge Community College site in Lucan. The developers JJ Rhatigan clam the workers allegations are untrue and the pair are being paid by  a sub contractor”

(Sasko Lazarov/Photocall Ireland)

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18 thoughts on “Crane Of Defiance

    1. John E. Bravo

      Just because you can’t afford to walk away from low-paid jobs doesn’t mean you’re not entitled to protest it. This belief that the ‘market regulates itself’ always ignores that only people with rainy-day money can afford to wait for the fair value to emerge.

      1. James

        €4.99 an hour would make it illegal. Go to labour court, stop making an ejit of yourself. World doesn’t revolve around you, you know?

        1. John E. Bravo

          People aren’t allowed to go straight to labour court which is only open as a last resort, and there is still a cost in lost earnings in that time.

          Also, the value of public protest as a signal to other people in similar predicaments who might not realise that they are being taken advantage of can’t be underestimated.

          I greatly admire anyone who protests poor working conditions. They are the slim barrier between us and the distaste that profit has for costs.

      2. Mister Mister

        My point is, why take the job if indeed that’s what they were going to be paid, and then protest about it afterwards ?

        1. John E. Bravo

          Because they can’t afford not to/are struggling to get work elsewhere would be plausible explanations.

  1. Brick Tamlin

    My Initial reaction was “Its always the brickies” (As it usually is) but if they’re only on €4.99 an hour they’re dead right.

    Apparently we are back to the days where some brickies are getting €1 a brick, laying anywhere between 300 & 500 a day. Not sure I believe that but a fiver an hour is a joke.

    1. James

      I’m guessing it’s €4.99 after taxes, commuting cost, lunch and probably Sky Sports subscription…

  2. anomanomanom

    Pair of idiots. Any body remember the morons that protested on a crane in Thomas street, Dublin back in the boom. Looking for a fair hourly rate, they were underpaid apparently, that “fair” rate was €120 an hour. Although its not boom times, these two hardly took a job at illegal hourly rates, it seems to be the same “i want more money, lets protest”.

    1. fluffybiscuits

      There is a vast difference between protesting at earning OTT wages and earning under the minimum wage, the former is greed and the latter is a legitimiate protest at being paid under the minimum wage. That aside the question we have is if the sub contractor is paying the staff, still JJ Rhatigan I imagine have a duty to ensure all staff on site are paid fairly. So anomanomanom do something about that myopic thought of yours….

      1. anomanomanom

        What world do you live in. If they took a job for under min-wage. Knowing it was illegal then their idiots. And i can stake my house on it their getting at least min wage

  3. Kieran NYC

    Wouldn’t like to be walking under that crane after 8 days…

    Fair play to them though, if what they say is true.

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