(L-r) Pearse Doherty, Mary Lou McDonnell, Gerry Adams, Caoimhghin O Caolain and Aengus O Snodaigh TD at the launch Sinn Féin’s alternative Budget 2015 yesterday

Polls show that our voters can’t choose,
Between two political crews,
But whether the winners,
Are Blueshirts or Shinners,
We all know that Ireland will lose.

John Moynes

(Leon Farrell/Photocall Ireland)

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9 thoughts on “A Limerick A Day

  1. Sam

    Who will wield power in silken glove?
    For alas, when push comes to shove
    Neither bunch of deceivers
    WIll be fair with the levers
    best to choose “None of the above

  2. Bingo Slimz

    ‘We all know that Ireland will lose.’

    I don’t. My crystal ball hasn’t arrived yet. Will update when it does.

    Witty Limericks will be nowhere to be found if either FG or SF do well. But of COURSE they won’t do well!!! They have done things in the past which means they are always going to be really bad at everything in the future.

    Is there anyone capable of having a reasonable discussion about Irish politics without generalising absolutely anything and everything as corrupt, bad for the country, fenian, blueshirt, inept, sleazy?

    From Sam’s hilarious effort: ‘Neither bunch of deceivers will be fair with the levers’. The moaning and whining is deafening, BEFORE a new government has even been installed. Pathetic.

    1. Sam

      Well excuse for for recognising a bunch of lying feckers when I see one….

      Expecting me to ‘wait and see’ and ignore reality,,, that’s pathetic.
      I’m not going to pretend that there’s a dashing hero on the horizon so long as I don’t give up hope.
      I see a system designed for cronyism, and I’m not playing the damsel in distress.

      No, that’s about as much time as I have for your opinion… so, y’know, have a good day etc…

      1. Bingo Slimz

        Well done Sam. Enjoy your crushing pessimism. It will take you far.

        ‘Expecting me to ‘wait and see’ and ignore reality,,, that’s pathetic.’ – Sam

        *Slow clap*

        1. Sam

          If being cycnical about the gobshites in the Dáil is ‘crushing pessimism’ on your scale, you need to recalibrate your scale, as I think you’ve mistakenly centred the ‘neutral’ mark on ‘wide eyed and deluded optimist’.

          As long as the public continue in their gullibility, and meek in their opposition, they will get ridden with the minimum amount of lube, and no amount of mewling or tut-tutting.

          Now, you can vent some more, but you’ll be addressing an empty space.

          1. Bingo Slimz

            We both know you’ll read this reply Sam. Unless you’re going to do something about fixing this system, which I highly doubt based on your teen-angst posts thusfar, then you and those of your persuasion are the only people to be cynical about in this country. And don’t worry, I am. :)

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