Leo Shoots Up




Stop that.

Muscular ‘ealth Minister Leo Varadkar receives a a flu vaccine from clinical nurse manager Brid Ryan O’Malley as the HSE kicks off its Seasonal Flu Vaccination campaign today. About as effective as the vaccine itself. Kidding.

a) Working out?

b) On a low-carb whatsit?

or c) Some Vulcans have a life span of 200 years.

YOU decide

(Mark Stedman/Photocall Ireland)

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48 thoughts on “Leo Shoots Up

    1. Kill The Poor

      Italians would beg to differ.

      They would be of the opinion that it keeps chesty colds away.

      Either that or Leo has no nipples ……..either or …..probably no nipples

      1. Sancho

        Americans love the t-shirt under the shirt. I try to tell them off, set them straight, but they just dont care.

    2. Mick Flavin

      Nah, people who wear underpants are the sick ones. I don’t know how guys who don’t enjoy the sensation of their fly gently abrading their junk can live with themselves.

    1. Rose

      No body puts baby in the corner (no one or no body?? Darn used to know it off by heart….put it on the google list)

  1. Mani

    ‘So, doctor, three more of these vaccinations and I’ll see a reduction in those, eh, urges?’

  2. dd

    Of course the question does need to be asked as to which “high risk” group Leo fits into to avail of the flu vaccine.

    1. Delacaravanio

      It’s a PR thing. If he really needed a jab or a blood test he’d hardly tip off the press. Who’s to say he even had the vaccine?

  3. Drogg

    Em leo is a healthy young man that doesn’t work in a medical facility. There is no need for him to be getting the flu vaccine and wasting stocks.

      1. Drogg

        I think you need to check your grammar book, that is perfectly acceptable in this circumstance.

    1. Kieran NYC

      You’d be complaining as well if he was telling other people to get it and not getting it himself.

    2. Dudey

      I bet he’s getting it for free.

      Whereas its a tenner for the common people, plus a visit to the GP

  4. Reegore

    Things are worse than I thought if Leo is being called muscular and super-fit etc. You’re basically congratulating a man for not being fat.

  5. mauriac

    not so long ago pregnant women were told not to get vaccines but the new ad tells them to,what gives?

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