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      1. Sean

        SocialJusticeWarrior.ie reports another nasty incident against our migrant friends.

        I was in Budapest airport this morning, at least 12 roma in stereotypical getup were on the plane, coming over for a “shopping trip to Ireland” nodoubt.

        Also a commenter calling for violence isn’t the same as a page doing the same. But hey anything to provoke a REACTION right?

  1. garthicus

    I just got a text from my wife (who is black) who was approached by a man in the Pavillions shopping centre in Swords whilst pushing our newborn baby in his buggy and asked “I suppose you come here to have your babies do ya?”

    Then I come over to BS and see this. I despair.

        1. Spaghetti Hoop

          There are the blatant and vocal racists like yer man. Then there are the large number of Irish people who are fighting with their own racism and expose it unknowingly.

          Hope garthicus and mrs garthicus can rise above the incident. A non-prejudiced mind is a happy place.

      1. Domestos

        Don’t let the mask slip, Mani, I like you just the way you are. See if the mods will delete the chink of humanity you’ve just demonstrated.

    1. samegoes

      Ugh, that’s horrible. It’s worth reporting racist incidents here: http://www.ireport.ie/
      Hope she is okay and that there are fewer people like that around when your children are growing up. Congratulations on the new baby!

    2. garthicus

      Thanks all! She is grand, she said she could tell by his body language that he was going to approach her. She laughed it off and put it down to ignorance. I’d like to tell you it’s the first time something like this has happened but it’s not.

      Anyhow, thanks again.

      1. Drogg

        Dude that is horrible I hope yis are all ok. But the fact that this happens regularly makes me so ashamed of the scumbag bully’s that seem to be in a majority in the country.

      2. Kieran NYC

        She must have the patience of a saint to deal with Irish racists and a husband who’s a Garth Brooks fan ;)

    3. Selfie Sensation

      A friend of mine who is Irish but who’s parents happen to be from Hong Kong never experienced any racism until the late 1990s when people started abusing her in the street and calling her a scrounging refugee who was only here for the benefits.

      People like that are idiots and buffoons.

    4. Sidewinder

      God forbid a woman would want to try to get better maternity services. Scummy thing to do really.

      Sorry for that. Tell her from me I’d sooner have a million billion of your lovely wife and baby than even half of that prick.

        1. pedeyw

          That’s one with fifteen zeroes after. Which is in fact a quadrillion. The earth could not support that many people. I’m only willing to go to ten billion wives over half that guy.

  2. Happy Molloy

    That’s a disgrace, happy to see it was taken down so quickly.

    But then you see Facebook pages like the hub where people are advocating the buring of politicians houses and sheriffs houses and it doesn’t egt taken down

  3. anomanomanom

    Their attitude is wrong but their point is valid. Iv seen this Atm crowding plenty of times around town. If you come to ANY country just to beg you should be deported or better yet refuse entry.

    1. ArtVanderlay

      There should probably be a form you fill in when you arrive.

      Have you come here just to beg? please tick yes or no.

      If there were more intellects like yours out there, such procedures would exist. Quite a thought, I’m sure you’ll agree.

      1. anomanomanom

        you are an intelligent fellow aren’t you. Its very easy to determine who’s here to beg. Assessing there qualification and skills is the first step. And the really easy step is simply picking them up off the street when begging and assessing if its a one off or their “job”. My god you are stupid .

    2. pedeyw

      Their point appears to be lets kick the shit out of some Roma but we’ll leave the majority of criminals alone cos they’re proper decent white ones.

  4. Siju Cat

    Their sauces and pasta are below standard too. Roma passata sauce will never be accepted by Irish people while it contains less than 80% tomatoes. On yer bike!

  5. Disasta

    I’ve a question, may be stupid but I’m still going to ask it.

    Do people actually give them money when they are at the ATM?
    I don’t mean the money the ATM gives them, that be paper money ta fook.
    But change etc, do people throw them this?

    I’d assume the only reason they come back again and again is because some do…do these generous people deserve the blame for the beggars annoying me at the ATM? I say annoy but really I tell them no and they leave me alone so its very little annoyance.

    1. pedeyw

      The crowding atm is a basic con trick. After you’ve put in your pin, someone taps you on your shoulder or waves a paper in front of the screen. You look at them, meanwhile someone on the other side hits the €200 button, by the time you look back your car is being spit out so you think its cancelled and walk off while they collect your cash. Its the kind of thing that you only fall victim to once. It happened to me a years ago and I felt like an idiot within about 2 minutes of it.

          1. Dudey

            Seriously, you deserve to be robbed? Is that coz like, you are a ****?

            Would you be stupid for
            1) Attempting to use an ATM, surrounded by Roma?
            2) Assuming that the majority of people are in the main decent and honest?

          2. pedeyw

            Well, it happened. And as I said Drogg, I felt like an idiot about two minutes later, but thanks for commenting. I sincerely hope you never become a victim of a scam that’s really obvious when explained to you over the safety of a comments section but may not be so when you’re in the middle of it.

          3. pedeyw

            By the way, maybe don’t call people stupid while mistaking “your” for “you’re”.
            I also didn’t lose €200, it was stolen.
            Here, I’ll fix it for you:

            “If you’re stupid enough to fall for something like that, then you deserve to robbed of €200.”

      1. smoothlikemurphys

        “by the time you look back your car is being spit out so you think its cancelled”

        This way for your free motorboat…

      2. Leela2011

        happened to me a few years back, guy was a good foot shorter than me and waved a supermarket leaflet in front of screen. he must have managed to press the 200 button but thankfully my elbow connected with his face at the same time, so I got my money. happened very fast and on a busy main Street. his partner tried same with person at ATM beside me, luckily they didn’t get his cash either. a lovely pan-piper promptly chased them off. don’t know if they were Roma, don’t care and it wouldn’t make me biased against one group. despite the pan-piper coming to my aid, I still hate them :)

        1. sqiggleyjoop

          Are these cons all based on the assumption I’ll have €200 in my account? If so good luck to them.

        2. ReproBertie

          I saw one cheeky scamp leave a gathering of about a dozen Roma on the corner of O’Connell and Abbey streets and attempt to cover an ATM screen with an old magazine as a woman was using it (the ATM, not the magazine). I was in the queue behind her so I stepped forward, shoved him away and stepped back. The woman spent the rest of her ATM time glancing over her shoulder at me as if I was the weirdo. There’s gratitude for you.

          I am not a pan-piper.

  6. Sidewinder

    They’re going to the square just to beat the poo out of people.

    Git thm out of r fupyn sqr now1!,

  7. madouveh on the dole

    Their rich and colourful culture is misunderstood and we as irish people accept the contribution that they can collectively contribute to our society. I made sure to shout at them from my van while driving around their campsite on a roundabout on the M50. Took me a couple of laps but o reckon they got the message and everything is sound now.

  8. Brick Tamlin

    Looks like that ATM is in France judging by the advertising.
    Hatemongererererers gonna hate…

  9. Dudey

    There was a show on the BBC recently, showing the tensions between the Pakistani community and the Roma community, housed close together, in a district of Sheffield, from the policing point of view.

    Being a BBC show, it was fully adjusted, for political correctness.

    I watched it, with an open mind, and came away feeling a lot of sympathy for the Pakistani community. And their justifiable (in my opinion) complaints, about their Roma neighbours.

    1. Spaghetti Hoop

      But anyone would have issues if they had troublemakers for neighbours. Not really race-specific is it.

      1. Dudey

        Indeed they would Hoop. Though in the instance of this documentary, it did appear to be race specific.
        My point is, that the neighbours, these unfortunate Pakistani individuals were having trouble with, were all individuals who were identified as being Roma.

        Though I daresay, if they had housed members of the monster thieving racist skinhead community, in the area.Then it would probably be the case, that the Pakistani community would have difficulty with them as well.

  10. 15 cents

    within our lifetimes, and the lifetimes before us, stretching back years n years .. irish people have had to go abroad with cap in hand, over and over again. yet when people in need arrive here, they are treated horrendously. when people are begging on the street, have a look at peoples reactions as they pass .. its usually a disgusted face coupled with completely ignoring them. imagine being ignored like that all the time? what it must do to you. after escaping a country where living was not possible. im not saying everyone give every person begging some money. but if u at least acknowledge their existence with eye contact and even “sorry, i have nothing” .. its someway better than ignoring them.

    1. swoon

      Most (if not all)people leave Ireland for (potentially) a better life than they are currently experiencing.Most leave the ‘cap’ at home rather than relying on handouts.

    2. Dudey

      Your point? I mean apart from the “editorial” style platitudes you are expressing here.

      The post is about some “loutish” individuals, some of whom, appear to have been the victims of crime at their local ATM.
      They have reported the matter to the Guards, who have been unwilling to do anything about it.

      So they’ve bitched about it on the internet, yes, a bit like the commenter’s on Broadsheet do.
      The substance of the post, has **** all to do with Irish history, and a lot to do with the Ireland of the now.

    3. will-billy

      yes fair point 15 cents hard to get past ye olde fake pleady face the professional beggars do be putting on though. like poster pedeyw above i had a negative experience with these fuppers in the past and while i would not condemn an ethnicity on those grounds alone certainly would deplore robbing c#$@s in general

  11. Liam from Lixnaw

    there have been a few FB pages speaking out against the Roma in the area of Waterford in the recent past

  12. sycamoreal

    Most Irish people who emigrate do not aspire to begging on the streets or scamming unsuspecting ATM users. I can’t say this has never been the case but, The people I know who have left Ireland for “a better life ” work in their field of experience / education. Roma get a hard time here because their famous for what exactly ?

    1. Sidewinder

      Irish people get a hard time in Australia for being alcoholics yet remarkably I haven’t had a drink in about three weeks. It’s called a stereotype.

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