17 thoughts on “Snared

  1. Willie Banjo

    Eh….company brand stationary on street for hours and being shared on social media. I’d say more people now know today that Rabbit hole Promotions exists than they did yesterday.

    Advertising (stunt) works.

  2. sqoid

    Odds are if there’s really poor looking “grafitti” advertising something then these guy’s are responsible.
    Their latest McGregor one was particuarly awful.

  3. epson aculaser c100

    Its deliberate, that looks like an old vw polo or seat , prop worth a couple hundred euro if anything
    and in the end more than fine, clamp release fee and or towing will cost.
    Meanwhile rubberneckers will read the livery & more pics shared online when its snapped being hosted on
    to a recovery truck.

    job done

  4. Paul Davis

    Lap dancing in The Barclay Club and Rabbit Hole Promotions.

    There is a great joke there but I just can’t find it…

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