You’ve Been Siteserved



“Minister, there would be some unease about the fact that Denis O’Brien’s close political links may have been instrumental in his bid to buy Siteserv, the company that won the State contract to install water meters for Irish Water.

“I think the idea that powerful businessmen with close ties to the establishment still end up profiteering from decisions made by governments or semi-State bodies must be a worry for this Government as you promised that things would be different.”

“The very nature by which this gentleman ended up in possession of Siteserv is very questionable. He did a deal with IBRC where €100m of debt that Siteserv owed to IBRC, which was really the taxpayer, was wiped off….”

“…two higher bids for the company that would have earned the State more money were rejected and a former Fine Gael minister [Alan Dukes] was chairman of IBRC at the time the deal was approved”.

Independent TD Mick Wallace in the Dáil under privilege (*blows raspberry*) today.

“I think that is a very worrying set of assertions as opposed to a question…That politicisation of the public procurement system would be quite improper and unlawful … Bluntly, considering the deputy’s position, I am surprised at some of the assertions he has made.”

Minister Brendan Howlin responding.

Wallace says O’Brien’s Siteserv bid ‘questionable’ (RTÉ)

Previously: Denis O’Brien and That Siteserv Deal

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45 thoughts on “You’ve Been Siteserved

  1. Paolo

    Mick Wallace tried to get away with not paying his taxes and, as far as I know, still hasn’t.

    He has a point though.

    1. ahjayzis

      They should keep like a cloistered nun on the premises to ask all the questions – if she’s had a blemish-free life of no consequence, it might help the ministers getting distracted and maybe they’ll actually tell the parliament things we’re all entitled to know.

      If it had been Hitler’s slight more anti-semitic ghost asking the question it’s irrelevant – minister asked question by elected representative in national parliament – answer it or you’re not doing your job.

    2. Medium Sized C

      He came to an arrangement with the Revenue service.
      Which is an acceptable and common course of action for them.

      This is completely irrelevant to what he is doing here.

      Your statement harms you more than it harms him.
      I hope people show you better regard if you ever do anything wrong.

      1. Paolo

        He’s taking about doing deals that cost the taxpayer.

        He has a point but he is no position to preach. I don’t think anything in my post is unreasonable.

    3. Hosannah in the Hiace

      he sold his Italian vineyard to his brother in order to pay his debts. real open and transparent there Mick!!

  2. Fergus the magic postman

    Was just about to say “in before the whataboutery”, but too late it seems.

  3. scottser

    FG have a very noticeable strategy of thinking they do not have to answer questions from opposition TDs, specifically Michael Martin, Clare, Mick, RBB and the shinners, due to either their ‘character flaws’ or past performance. They’re very good at substituting democracy for evasiveness and accountability for mud-slinging.

  4. Panty Christ

    Next GE will be the dirtiest in decades. The indie crowd doing themselves well despite their so called “character flaws”

      1. ahyeah

        Yes he is – as are the other independents around him. Pretty much the only positive from last general election. CD in particular is excellent.

  5. epson aculaser c100

    Didn’t O’Brien ‘happen’ to acquire an engineering company just before the contract was awarded, sad part is Wallace doesn’t really give a flying f in any case does he?

      1. epson aculaser c100

        I’d guess he may be disgusted, angry, etc.etc.., but wheres
        the rest of the engagement?

        Howlin in other words responds with
        ” ahya can’t be saying that sorta thing now without a confession filmed on a Hollywood grade camera equipment”
        Wallace turns to check his seat is still where his arse left it and slumps back down.

        Job done.

  6. will-billy

    nothing indicts the irish democratic system more than the fact mick wallace is a prominent ‘dissident’ in it

    1. ahjayzis

      Michael Lowry’s continued receipt of a salary indicts the quality of our electorate far more, IMO.

      1. will-billy

        just so but at least lowry only represents a small subset of pro gombeen eejits whereas wallace is prominent in media, dail debates etc.

        1. nellyb

          “lowry only represents a small subset of pro gombeen eejits” – lol. where were you 15-20 years ago? i guess in school

  7. Soundings

    What’s Denis saying on the mobile above?

    “Hey Nena, I have what you want, these are my terms”

  8. Mick

    It just shows how much of a sh*t Irish people, and by Irish people I obviously mean BS readers, give about the situation. Enjoy your auserity measures and rain. Go Mick, Shinners for winners, TD´s, government blah, blah, blah.

  9. Wayne Carr

    Is there a TD who doesn’t owe over a million euro in taxes to us that can say the exact same thing, please? Thanks

  10. Murtles

    Mick can ask question till he’s blue in the face, The whole of Ireland (bar the policitians) could march through Dublin to the Dail protesting everything and the walls of Jericho could come tumbling down but those thick skinned, sleeveen, fat cat, gutter burger, backhander, jobs for the boys, gravy train jumping, expense whoring, theiving liars of policitians of ours will not change one iota. Water of a ducks back is criticism to them.

    PS Mick, I don’t give two hoots if you don’t wear a suit but pink is not your colour.

  11. My Daddy is bigger than Yours

    eh, you know that Siteserv isn’t the only company installing water meters?

  12. My Daddy is bigger than Yours

    The deal to buy Siteserv is questionable – but the bidding process for meter installation was open to all construction companies. A pity that Hairy Mickey decided to retire from actual work.

  13. Soundings

    Be the hokey,

    RTE, Irish Examiner and Irish Times report the Mick Wallace allegations.

    Silence from Independent and Herald (at least online).

    Could Anne Harris have been onto something in that early edition of the Sindo in July 2014 when she apparently wrote “In practice, he [Denis O’Brien] does [control INM, the company which owns Sindo, Indo, Herald and others]”

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