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A view of the Central Bank, Dublin under construction in 1974 from the Ha’penny Bridge 

including a an illegal ‘extra  floor’ added on for the laugh.

Damn you Stephenson.

Damn you to HELL.

Good times.

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19 thoughts on “Top Heavy

  1. Spaghetti Hoop

    Give it back to the people in the form of a Central City Library and some forgiveness may be dispensed.
    (Where are we with that campaign I wonder…)

  2. Louis Lefronde

    Get rid of that ugly brutal monstrosity that destroyed the scale, vista and street scape of Dame Street. It should never have been build there in the first place.

    1. Joe835

      Just wait; I’m sure our cultural overlords An Taisce/Frank McDonald will deem this, because it’s somewhat old, to be inherently worthy of preservation.

      1. Louis Lefronde

        If that be the case, let me be the first to prise open their jaws and s**t down their throats!

  3. Jess

    It makes me all warm and fuzzy to remember a simpler time when the ha’penny bridge wasn’t covered with idiot’s padlocks

  4. Zaccone

    Fitzwilliam Street, Dame Street, the Department of Agriculture buildings on Kildare Street… the 1970s ‘construction’ work in Dublin did more damage to the city in a decade than various Republican rebels and the British managed to do over 200 years.

  5. eamonn clancy

    Then what happened next? The roof had to be lifted and a floor removed because it was too high. Who remembers that?

    1. veritas

      The roof was not lowered as all the floors hung from it,they cased the girders in copper for a few years and then built the roof as intended.

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