For Your Consideration: Paddy Angryman



He’s everyman/woman.

Rick writes:

“A new web series that some friends of mine have made. It’s the proper angry satire that Ireland needs! And in light of Joan Burton’s phone comment, it’s never been more relevant. So much work has gone into it, I’d love to see it on broadsheet. New episodes every Thursday!”

Starring Giles Brody, Charlene Craig and Tara Flynn. Director of Photography James McDonnell; Assistant Director: Eoin Duggan; Production Design: Donnacha O’Brien;  Written and directed by Diarmuid O’Brien.

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33 thoughts on “For Your Consideration: Paddy Angryman

  1. jungleman

    Watched the whole thing. The idea is good, script, editing and acting all need work. Good luck with it.

  2. munkifisht

    Even the cynic in me can see some promise here, and he’s a prick, but I’d prefer an Irish Alan B’Stard, that said hitting the points a little squarely on the nose and the acting’s a little crappy in places, but otherwise pretty ok.

  3. John E. Bravo

    For the most part I’m afraid not for me, but the line “Dentists are closing down because people aren’t smiling anymore” is very good.

  4. kerryview

    Rick mentions ‘satire’ will be in the vid. Not just ‘satire’ but ‘angry satire’. Maybe I’ll find it on episode two.

  5. Conor

    Pretty good, fair play for the effort. Some good lines thrown in there, sure it’s a bit wobbly but can only be improved.

  6. ceo

    Thought it was OK. Some good lines… “It costs more to fill your car with Ben & Jerry’s than petrol.” :)

  7. Ultach

    Well done tikes. Will look out for yous when yous are all growed up. Great transition year project. Btw, your Irish teacher must be a bitch/whatever the male equivalent is to get yous going on the Irish language thing. Keep it up.

      1. Medium Sized C

        In fairness, they probably went harder on that than anything else in the clip.
        And given that the focus went really quickly from the requirement for translation to just abusing the shite out of the existence of the language I’d be pretty critical too.

        The thing that gets me is that you have all these kids, all bitching about how they don’t know Irish after learning it in school for 14 years and that is somehow the fault of the language and the teaching. If you can’t do maths its not the fault of mathematics, but somehow if you can’t speak Irish it is the fault of the language.

        Its kind of a perfect metaphor for what lazy, useless entitled little shits we crank out of our education system.
        Maybe that was the joke.

        1. Ultach

          Irish teachers should be loike maths teachers and relax and not correct mistakes and just loike go with the flow and not be hung up on grammar and vocabulary and stuff cos by pointing out errors and telling kids what they should do to get a good mark in their subject they’re just loike making them hate it? (*redundant rising intonation like a question at the end of the statement)

      2. Ultach

        Yes we are, but not as sensitive as the Gaeilge haters if the skit and your comment are anything to go by.

    1. Ultach

      Jeez, looking back on that it looks awfully patronising. I really must get round to commentating under a different name.

  8. JunkFace

    I watched it all, its a decent start. Some good lines and funny moments in there, but the whole thing needs to be sharpened up acting-wise, and maybe do a bit more work colour grading the video.

  9. Royal M

    Not bad, hopefully it’ll develop into something quite good. Better than any comedy attempted by RTÉ.

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