Win Your Freedom



Just another word for nothing left to lose?

Not anymore.

In March, Standing Order No 140/2014, Freedom of Information Act 1997 (Prescribed Bodies) Regulations brought Irish Water under the Freedom of Information Act with effect from July 17, 2013 (being the legal date of IW’s establishment).

This makes it possible to lodge Freedom of Information Act requests in respect of records (including electronic material) held by Irish Water. Requests are made by filling in the Freedom of Information Act form (above) giving details of the records sought, together with a splutter-making fee of €15.

But relax.

We have THREE requests for Irish Water information to giveaway.

What aspect of the setting up of Irish Water would like to know MORE about? Perhaps you have a specific area you feel needs PROBING?

We will pay the ridiculous charge for EACH formal request and do the necessary admin and whatnot.

All we ask for is your curiosity. And a hug.

YOUR Irish Water FOI suggestions welcome below.

Lines must CLOSE at midnight.

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39 thoughts on “Win Your Freedom

  1. epson aculaser c100

    It is in fact, a fact, that Irish Water including the details of the clients of Irish Water,
    can actually be sold/privatized at any time, with the consent of the Minister and the Minister for Finance?

    1. greylines

      1. epson aculaser c100

        only this part is lifted “with the consent of the Minister and the Minister for Finance?”

        Worth a rehash here, as its a fact most likely to go under the radar, since the oul Indo is …………….

  2. edalicious

    When will you be implementing the nationwide system of pipes to plumb Ribena directly into houses?

    1. Dubloony

      Just to expand on what the map should contain:
      – Boil notices and expected resolution date
      – Inadequate / restricted water supply e.g. Inis Óirr this summer.
      – Planned works infrastructure works that are not emergency boil water fixes.
      – Water works in progress, excluding meter installation – actual work in progress
      – Meter installation progress – % complete, % in progress, % to be done.

      We could crowd source some of this info if anyone were up for a bit of geomapping.

        1. Dubloony

          Good point – but raises another. When does IW fully take over from county councils? Are they not responsible for the whole lot now?

  3. greylines

    Regarding PPS and data storage they told me that while data would be only stored in Ireland, the clause in their data protection notice regarding the transfer of data outside the EEA was to “allow technical support to be able to view the data”. Despite repeated questions on twitter, Irish Water have refused to elaborate. I wish to know who “technical support” is, where they are based, what access they have and what controls are in place to protect our data.

    1. Gav D

      This. A thousand times this. And to please confirm how and where our data is stored, encrypted and how access to it is protected.

    2. mike

      Is it because their software contractors provide techncial support from outside the EEA, eg India, and so customer data might be sent to them to assist in dealing with software problems?

      Or might do so in the future.

      1. greylines

        That’s my current assumption Mike. But the controls need to be very rigid and to be honest I don’t trust them to have put those controls in place.

  4. Alfred E. Neumann

    Great prize.

    The Boxty House meal was terrific too, so thanks again. Also the best cocktails I’ve had in Dublin.

  5. John

    What was the projected cost of water meter installation and timeline for completion?
    What is the revised cost of water meter installation due to ongoing civil disturbances?

    Is the water meter installation subcontractor (Siteserve) absorbing the cost of the these delays?

  6. Disasta

    % of the tax taken to be spent on upgrading the network itself, % of the tax take to be spent on maintenance, % on wages broken down into each section (admin, governance, technicians etc) and % spent on other frivolous activities or corporate bonuses.

  7. Kate Cassidy

    I would like to know why Irish Water sent the application pack for our home to a different address, they sent it to the same address were a Tax Cert from Revenue is sent to, please note they do know our “Supply Address” Tks

    1. Gav D

      Happened my family’s pack too. Sent to my wife’s parents house. Under her married name. Weird mish mash of data, and one has to be suspicious how they came by it and from what sources.


        My meter was installed over 4 years ago, we are being lied too even about the time line

  8. K Quinn

    All records relating to the relative economies of fixing the pipes and amortising the cost within the annual property tax versus fixing the pipes and installing a meter outside every home and maintaining a metering infrastructure (meter readers, vans, employees, call centres, advertising, separate charging and payment system, etc) annually.

  9. JimmytheHead

    Whos responsible for giving away the tender for public works to Siteserv? Also, how many re-designs did the design company have to do at the behest of unqualified
    executives to justify spending €20,000+ on it?

  10. Clampers Outside!

    1.) Salaries and incentives structure of all staff please.

    2.) Details of all contracts awarded so far, such as that awarded to Siteserv and their comms agency / agencies. Including information that IW would have received from the other contractors who pitched for the business.

    3.) Security measures put in place to protect my PPS data.

    1. Clampers Outside!

      On point two… those contracts are big enough that they would have had a requirement on them that at least three providers of those services were approached by IW to get the best value for money.

  11. macGafraidh

    I’d love to know how O’Brien got the contracts for installation of water meters over companies who would have done it cheaper and more efficiently. What was the basis for that decision and what person thought it was the best decision for all concerned !?

    1. Mayor Quimby

      well, for starters he didn’t “get the contract” – there are 3 companies doing the installs…

  12. CASEsensitive

    The value and length of contracts awarded to Private Companies to operate Water and Waste Water Treatment Plants in each county, and when they were last renewed. For instance, Dublin City Council paid just over €13 million to ABA Consortium in 2013 for operation & maintenance of WWTP(s)
    How many section 16 or section 4 licences are there per county and how many are in arrears.

  13. markgdub

    Why would I trust you more with my information than Irish Water?

    What benefit is my FOI as held by Irish Water to Broadsheet?

    This has made more inclined to double up the tin foil on my hat.

    1. greylines

      Eh? Broadsheet isn’t asking you for your data. They’re asking you what you’d like to ask Irish Water.

  14. somersetpaddy

    Why have my neighbours and I who are not on mains or scheme water and only have septic tanks been sent forms? Surely it is impossible for us to be customers of Irish Water so why send application packs to us. How many have been sent to houses that have wells and septic tanks and why?

    1. DizzyDoris

      It comes from An Post’s Geo directory which is claimed as a sale pitch to be a reference guide from your local postman?

  15. mike

    I understand the Regulator rejected the initially proposed Irish Water spending plans and related charges. I would like to see correspondence to and from the regulator and to know what areas of proposed expenditure were reduced in order to allow the reduced charges. Was it salaries, or was it, for instance, the kilometers of piping that was proposed to be upgraded in the relevant period.

  16. noncanonicalpokemon

    Any expert advice or submissions given to Irish Water regarding average water usage per capita or any advice or submissions made in relation to recommended free allowances.

    basically, any expert consultant advice regarding volume of consumption.

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