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      1. Grouse

        Yeah, but the paragraph suggests it’s already in place for breweries who produce less than 20,000 per annum. (I wasn’t aware of this special relief before.) So this year’s budget is just extending it to 30,000?

  1. Medium Sized C

    This is an extension of what was already there,
    The Brian Cowan beer bonanza tax was 50% off for microbreweries under 20,000 hectolitres,
    This is an extension to 30,000.

  2. Bejayziz

    So does this mean we will see a reduction in price for the currently over priced craft beer market in Ireland…The only reasonably priced decent craft beer in Dublin seems to be Metal Man.

        1. Anon

          That’s the hipster tax, most pints you can get elsewhere for more reasonable prices, although the price of Scottish Brew Dog beers are silly everywhere.

    1. Mr B

      Most off (decent) licences will weekly specials on select 3/4 bottles of Irish craft beer for a 10er.

      Dunnes has 4 bottles of O’Hara for 9 euro most of the time (the extra stout being particularly good) and I saw Blacks of Kinsale on sale in my local Dunnes for 2.80 a bottle. That’s only 40cent above a Guinness bottle.

      In bars, White Gypsy’s excellent range on cask is a 5er or less in most pubs. Headline 57 has a weekly special on offer for a 5er a pint.

      1. DD

        Is a fiver really considered special? I know the vat on booze here is ridiculous but I’m just back from Berlin where I could drink a huge range of top quality beer from both small brewers and the big boys for €3 a pint.

        1. Mr B

          Yeah, tax is the biggest reason (I think it was something like 1/3 last I heard) but as microbreweries do have a smaller output you have to factor in costs such as distribution, packaging, marketing (if any), spoilage, labour and the increasing cost of imported materials such as hops and specialised grain into that total output.

          Most big breweries simply pump up volume and only specialise in set brews to make profit, smaller breweries have more flexibility and can offer a wider range, I guess it’s up to yourself if you want to pay slightly more for that choice.

        1. garthicus

          No, their production is too big, I would think Franciscan Well would be too big for it too.

          It’s weird typing on here today…

          1. Medium Sized C

            It will definitely count to Corca Dhuine.
            They are feckin tiny.

            If you were already benefiting from it, you will be benefiting from it now.
            You’ll just be able to produce more.

      2. DD

        Plus, i thought they missed a trick in 57. It feels more like a dull restaurant than a bar-too bright, too much carpet.

  3. edalicious

    20,000 “hectolitres”? Surely, if you’re going to say that you may as well just say 2 megaliters? Even 2,000 kilolitres seems like it would be better to me.

  4. Chris

    Just as a general side note I was in Mary’s on Wicklow Street for the first and last time a few weeks ago. I wanted to see if they had any craft beer in and all they had was Trouble Brewing’s Deception Golden Ale (Pint sized bottle) and it was fecking 7.50 for a beer that’s come from a brewery less than an hour away. Crazy stuff. I know it’s an expensive location but the usual stuff wasn’t much more expensive than the average Dublin pub.

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