33 thoughts on “Meanwhile, On Exchange Street

  1. Odis

    LOL All is not as it seems here, for this driver.
    The hazard he/she was not expecting, was the Clampers
    The irony , they’ve disabled his/her car.

  2. Liam from Lixnaw

    poor form – the hazards were on – thats the international sign for – “I am JUST popping in here for a second”

    1. Tom Stewart


      Alternatively, the international sign for “F*** all y’all. I’m gonna do whatever I want because I’m more important than ye little people. Just deal with it, and don’t you dare question me on it”

      1. Ah_sure

        I’d have more sympathy if he had hazards on on double yellows (we’ve all done that) but you should never be occupying a disabled space regardless – that’s just common courtesy.

          1. Ah_sure

            I’m sure Co. Laois has an abundance of available parking :P try living in an semi-urban area where you literally have nowhere to stop :'( (also I know i’m going to hell for my double-yellow debauchery)

        1. Anne

          Is it just me, or are the disabled spots always empty?

          People getting up in arms about taking no one’s spot. So rude.

    1. Sidewinder

      They’re very similar as they’re the same company but if you look at the wheeltrims it’s a VW. Or they’ve just got VW wheeltrims for some reason…

      1. andyourpointiswhatexactly

        Audis for the directors, passats for the salesmen. Pretty much the same car with different trimmings. Or so I was told in a pub once. Must be true.

  3. Mr. T.

    Immobilising a car doesn’t ‘Keep Dublin Moving’ and certainly doesn’t keep disabled spaces clear.

  4. mike

    But are all the disabled parking spaces required and used? Anyone know how the disabled spaces requirement is calculated, and is their usage ever reviewed.

    Ya know the way able-bodied drivers sometimes have to go round and round looking for a spot, and sometimes have to park miles from where you want go.

    Do disabled drivers ever have the same problems? Do we have to provide a rates of spaces per registered disabled driver so that they can *always* find a place to park near where they want to be, and *never* be without one.

    I don’t think I have *ever* seen a visibly disabled driver getting out of a car in Dublin city centre – I work in the area.

    1. The Citizen

      “I don’t think I have *ever* seen a visibly disabled driver getting out of a car in Dublin city centre – I work in the area.”

      Maybe you’re blind? I’d get that checked.

      1. mike

        If I was blind at least I would be entitled to use the disabled parking spaces without getting clamped.

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