What Do You Mean You Weren’t Invited?


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“It’s a fucking ten minute speech on homphobia – I’m surprised anyone clicked on it at all! Honestly, I have no money, and no power – my only weapon was making a noise.”

Panti Bliss, awarded the Editor’s Special Award at the Attitude [magazine] Awards 2014 last night.

G’wan The Panti!

Drag queen Panti Bliss receives Editor’s Special Award (Attitude)

(H/T: Buzz O’Neill)

12 thoughts on “What Do You Mean You Weren’t Invited?

    1. fluffybiscuits

      That garda mag I think its called the Porker Review…this months edition had some great articles

      New Colombian Java and what donuts match
      Beating Protestors – How to hide the bruises
      Issues with bugs? – New Bug Spray
      Dying for a jail cell?

  1. anomanomanom

    well done broadsheet. I post a comment that is not a******le licking in its praise of this moron so you delete it. Why?

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