What Is That?




Mark Sugrue writes:

“You might have heard of the Google Whitespace project with London Zoo – they are live streaming video of the Meerkat enclosure on youtube. Well, not a lot happens in that video stream as it turns out, it’s mainly live stream of a rock. I work for a company called Kinesense and we make software for searching CCTV content for interesting events. I plugged in the Meerkat cam and found… something… which definitely isn’t a Meerkat but is living in the Meerkat enclosure in London Zoo…Any ideas?”


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13 thoughts on “What Is That?

  1. Mister Mister

    Ah broadsheet, you fell for a bit of shameless guerilla advertising there.
    Think about it, who are the first people you’d contact if you saw something unusual in an enclosure in a zoo, the zoo perhaps ?
    But no, I’ll send in a stupid question prefaced by my company name and all that it does, with the stupid question just an after thought.

  2. the good helen

    its 100% deffinitely without a shadow of a doubt a very very very small kangaroo. I have no doubt in my knowledge. They call them micro-roos. ahem

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