8 thoughts on “Pologamy

  1. Hank

    Looks like a special 25th anniversary model Polo GTI.
    Only 5,000 were ever produced and they came fully loaded with dual engines, a V8 up front and a V6 in the boot…

  2. Max Power

    Sure while he is at it he might as well take the VW badge off and put on a Porsche one….rediculous stuff….

  3. Der

    Ah leave the young lad (it’s undoubtedly a young lad) alone! There’s worse things he could be doing with his money!

    1. Domestos

      The only thing worse he could do with the two euro those stickers probably cost would be to flick the coin off the top of Liberty Hall. Or maybe pay for p0rn.

  4. Fonglespore

    An uncle of mine (a priest) one got himself a nice sensible Micra.

    A former owner had splashed out on some well applied decals on both sides of the car that declared to the world in foot high letters: “TWIN CAN”.

    What would the world be like without such muppets?

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