18 thoughts on “A Limerick A Day

    1. DoM

      Because the story’s about Facebook and Apple..? (The blue linky thing is a link – you can click it and it takes you to the story behind the rhyme!)

  1. Starina

    I think having the choice available is great — noone is being forced to freeze their eggs, it’s just an additional option. In tech in particular, early 30s is when people are at the top of their game and making advances in position and technological know-how – and a woman may a) want children but not want to take an ill-timed break from work just then or b) not even know yet if she wants children but wants the option later.
    Búla bos, Facebook and Apple! Choice for all!

    1. Small Wonder

      It’d be better if “an ill-timed break from work” wasn’t a shot in the jugular for a woman’s career.
      What Buzz said below.

    2. Spaghetti Hoop

      Yes, egg-freezing is a good idea for women and/or couples.
      I will say though that the tech companies (well all employers in fairness) need to ensure that their staff profiles are not just childless 20-30 year olds, and that there are women who want to have kids first, career later and can be top of their game at 50 with the kids all grown up.

  2. Buzz

    Women should boycott Facebook. Instead of providing female employees with proper support around maternity and childcare, they’re being told to freeze their eggs. F**k off Facebook.

    1. DoM

      Offering equivalent paternity benefit (and somehow figuring out how to normalise taking it…) is the only way that I imagine this issue might ever be resolved. It’s very difficult for anyone (male or female) to keep up with their colleagues if they take extended breaks from work and their colleagues don’t.

    2. banned of censored

      The staff asked for it
      The same support and structure is in place for maternity leave as is available in any compatible company. this is an additional option available as requested by staff. this is progressive not oppressive or repressive

      Take your outrage where it’s needed

      1. Buzz

        If some women are choosing to freeze their eggs, this puts pressure on those who want to have babies now – whether or not you chose to acknowledge it. The postponers are seen as more serious, dedicated, committed and rewarded accordingly.

  3. Clampers Outside!

    It’s a nice idea but, it won’t help the situation and may make it worse by putting pressure on those that don’t want to wait….

    I’m definitely with Buzz on this one. Great points Buzz !

  4. Lilly

    Why is there never any hoo-hah about companies who are genuinely family friendly, such as Icon? I don’t work for them but have a friend with young children who does. They seem to value her as a long-term employee and are fantastically flexible and supportive so that she can juggle career and family without feeling torn between the two. Screw Facebook and Apple.

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