From Harbo.

The new Lovin’ Dublin app.

FREE Only €3.59 a month.

C writes:

“This may actually be the future, paid subscriptions on your phone/ipad for good ‘magazine’ content. Just not sure this counts as content you’d pay for…”


The Lovin’ Dublin App

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31 thoughts on “Got App Done

  1. BluBlu

    This is brilliant. Next time you meet someone new ask them if they have the app. If they say yes, walk away..

    1. Clampers Outside!

      ‘The Dubliner 100′ books that ran for a few years had a couple of variations …pubs and restaurants. I think those *brilliant little books that’d fit in a shirt pocket were less than a tenner each.

      This app is WAAAAAAAAY over priced :)

      * I liked ’em anyway

  2. Eamonn Clancy

    The makers of this have their heads so high up their own holes an Israeli snatch squad couldn’t retrieve them.

  3. Bacchus

    having read some of that site that afternoon (some “best 10” list popped up somewhere…) I can confidently say they’ll have to pay to read it.

    1. Zynks

      Is that geographical restriction a licensing issue or a ‘I wish my neighbourhood had more trees’ kind of thing?

  4. Happy Molloy

    wow, I like LovinDublin and think Harbo gets an overly hard time but I really think they’re losing it lately

    1. DD

      He does get an unfair amount of bashing but yeah, the site’s gone a bit shite-top 10 after top 10. Why anyone would sign up to a paid subscription is beyond me.

  5. DKP4

    It’s easy to knock ‘Harbo’ but I wish I had half the guy’s energy & vision. I still visit the LD site regularly but only to check if there’s a new recipe or review. (I am following one of their pasta recipes for tonight’s din dins, as it goes.) The rest is bollocks, I’m afraid.

    1. Bazler

      Come on, you know that Android users are the types to jump off bridges into the canal and ruin poor old Haribo’s dream of Berlin by the IFSC.

  6. Neil

    Hahaha. Niall Harbison can shove his app up his hole! He drinking his own kool-aid. Paying a subscription to have him eulogise the latest hipster hangout. Anybody who uses this needs their head checked.

  7. fmong

    “This may actually be the future, paid subscriptions on your phone/ipad for good ‘magazine’ content.”

    Hey buddy, click on NEWSSTAND on your iPhone… your mind is about to be blown..

    1. Gav D

      Exactly. Its hardly a new idea.

      Don;t have a huge problem with the idea myself. I shell out for Popbitch’s ipad magazine. Worth the few quid for a decent. scurrilous read.

      Wouldn’t be bothered with this LD app, personally, but in fairness I know one or two who might.

  8. Leela2011

    *splutter* Giving us Dubs a bad name! Was perplexed when I clicked on their entry for Zaytoon on the site and it just had pics of their dishes, no information or reviews…

  9. Flex

    It’s tiring how this website likes to pick on Niall Harbison, “Pick on” seems apt as every post about him seems constructed to elicit a reaction and build upon the caricature you’ve made of him (OK, maybe he’s made of himself) . I said this before and I was told ‘we’re only having a laugh’. That was 6 months ago. About 8 posts later it’s a little clearer that it’s a combination of pettiness, jealously and the seemingly one track mind that that occupies this comment section. It’s such a weird thing to witness, all that self-righteousness turn to snark. “FIGHT!”. Really? The inanity of it all. ‘stick your app up yer hole..hohoho’. Sometimes I figure the comment section has been taken over by 16 year olds and that explains it all.

    Lovin Dublin is running out of things to ‘list’, Harbison has said some really stupid shit on the blog (offending the community repeatedly in the comments) and he’s confusing hits with value, it’s not hard to do what his site does and people go there because it’s the Internet – it takes 10 seconds. That said, he has done a great service for people wanting to do things in Dublin and his community grows. Either stop posting this stuff or stop being a bunch of tits.

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