Use The Force



The Air Umbrella.


“This nifty little hand-held device contains a lithium battery, a motor, and a fan, and together they work to create a continuous cycle of air that flows out from the tip. This air flow is strong enough to constantly deflect rain particles away from the user, and the [Chinese design] team says that two people can fit under it comfortably….”

Currently overfunded on Kick-starter

This new umbrella creates a force-field of air to protect you from the rain (Science Alert) 

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32 thoughts on “Use The Force

  1. andyourpointiswhatexactly

    That can’t be pleasant for everyone else around the umbrella with water being whipped at them?

    1. Custo

      But it’s raining. There’s already water being whipped at them. From the SKY.

      UNless they have an umbrella.

  2. Soft like

    So you walk by anybody else and basically spray them instead if they don’t have this device. It looks like it would cause more spray issues than anything else IMO.

  3. derek

    Looks like someone with long hair could be in trouble if the wind tosses it up and it gets sucked in through the fan

  4. Gers

    Nifty? Probably the most useless “invention” (its been done before) I’ve seen of late. Let’s see…

    – Does it fits in a handbag or large coat pocket? NO
    – Does it needs to held by hand? YES
    – Does it cost under 10e?NO
    – Does it last for hours on end?NO
    – Does the water expelled on side lands all over passers-by? YES

    OK, ill stick to my 5e Dunnes’ favorite

  5. erm..

    This is exactly like that really interesting story about the American astronaut’s fancy multi-million dollar pen vs the Russian cosmonaut’s cheapo pencil. Exactly like it. Except with umbrellas instead of pens. And regular Joe Soaper’s instead of astronauts. But aside from that it’s almost exactly the same.

    1. Owen

      People never look this up. The pencils kept breaking and floating into their eyes! The Russians copied the pen idea when they found out about it.

      1. Professor Pedant

        Also, NASA were concerned about electrical shorts causing fires because of the highly conductive graphite (pencil lead tips snapped off) floating around in zero g.

  6. Scraib

    The testing looks like it was all done indoors. I’d be interested to see if it works when it’s windy out. My guess would be it won’t.

  7. ahjayzis

    I don’t need another thing to remember to feckin’ charge at night >_<

    I sometimes think that because I'm really good at not letting the wind ruin my brolly that I'd be a natural at sailing…

    1. Mick Flavin

      Clampers spits a wad of tobacco onto the mound and kicks it into the dirt. Bases loaded, his eyes dart, his head swivels. He nervously fingers the stitching in the ball. A bead of sweat forms on his forehead and rolls slowly to the tip if his nose, hangs for an instant, then drops to the moist clay. He winds up as he has done a thousand times, but a click in his wrist signifies catastrophe.
      Released too early, the ball slowly arcs through the air, like the throw of a…let’s face it…of a girl. Licking his lips, Mani watches it float gently towards his eager bat.

      This one is headed out of the park.

  8. Janet

    Upside is no more midgets poking your eyes out walking past you with their umbrellas up when is hardly even raining… grrrr

  9. Kevin Keegan

    I have a better invention.It’s a bucket on the top of a stick.Unlike the umbrella it collects water which can used in home and if enough people use them the streets will stay dry 365 days of the year.

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