Paddy Angryman: Episode Two



A second instalment of the controversial weekly web series.

We’re getting hooked.

Starring Giles Brody, Charlene Craig and Tara Flynn. Director of Photography James McDonnell; Assistant Director: Eoin Duggan; Production Design: Donnacha O’Brien; Written and directed by Diarmuid O’Brien.

Paddy Angryman (Facebook)

Previously: Episode One

Thanks Simon Mulholland

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12 thoughts on “Paddy Angryman: Episode Two

    1. JasonCotter

      Calm down buddy. There’s a new episode of Damo and Ivor on RTE 2 monday for people like us.

      1. Mani

        Soz pal. That always clashes with my favourite sit com ‘Perfect Stranglers’ about two cousins who move in with each other only to discover they’re both really into autoerotic asphyxiation.

        1. JasonCotter

          That comment proves that you are the world expert on comedy and why your opinion matters so much.

          You have a long career of pissy little internet comments ahead of you. God speed.

          1. Mani

            It’s a great show. Especially the episode when cousin Larry’s plans to impress his boss with his culinary skills go awry when Mr Timpson goes to the jacks and interrupts cousin Balki ‘mid-hutchence’. If you think Larry’s getting that promotion now…boy are you wrong!

  1. Clampers Outside!

    “I think Dublin’s getting fun again now that all the mopey arsed twenty somethings have fecked off …’Oh… there’s no future for me here, waaaahhh’

    I feckin’ guffawed :)

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