The Man Behind The Man Behind Mattress Mick



Further to the viral success of Mattress Mick’s latest, comparatively high-budget and most successful video (above) to date.

And a memorable appearance on Derek Mooney’s RTÉ Radio 1 show yesterday.

Mick didn”t get where he is today on his own you know.

Often overlooked in all the hoopla is Paul Kelly (above arrowed) whose video company ‘Shoot Audition’ is set up in the back of the Mattress Mick store in Pearse Street, Dublin.

Paul writes:

“Just when I finished my film making courses in the Irish Film Academy. I was in the Yacht [pub] in Clontarf with a few of my friends, Jenny Dixon from [RTÉ’s] Fair City being one of my them.
It had been over 20 years since I met Mick and I was telling him what I was doing. Mick asked would I do videos to help his business. I smiled at Mick and told him we will make crazy marketing videos for youtube that won’t cost a lot. I told him I am going to Americanise you, put your face out there and make people laugh. That was three years ago. Today, all our dreams have come true…”

Fair play in fairness.

Shoot Audition

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18 thoughts on “The Man Behind The Man Behind Mattress Mick

    1. Paul Kelly

      Peggys Jenny is a friend that is doing so well in the industry . She is a wonderful person and I am so very proud to see your success grow. We started in the film industry around same time but took different paths in our career. I could name so many people I have met in the industry that are doing so well but Jenny was there the day I met Mick and when I agreed to make the videos. When I started doing my film making courses I was taught by Terry McMahon a creative genius. I then had the opportunity to met Graham Cantwell and work on one for his projects. Graham Cantwell is one of the nicest people I had ever met. While working on set I met Emmett J. Scanlan and his acting skills astonished me. I knew he was on a rocket to success and he didn’t disappoint. I filmed some video auditions for him and next thing we are partying in the Wrights venue because he go a part in hollyoaks. My first film had Johnny Elliot , Vivienne Connolly and Jenny-Lee Masterson in my film. I wrote and directed the film about my best friend Darren Griffin that had just died. I have been very lucky to have met these people that have inspired me.

  1. Louis Lefronde

    Ireland’s next Eurovision entry? Perhaps, maybe, whatever….but he needs to be a trangender mattress maven first!

  2. caroline

    I think the new mattress Mick rap is amazing. I luv the lyrics and the video. I think its genius !

  3. Max Power

    Saw Mick driving a taxi the other day……wonder if he actually works as a taxi driver or just for use in the bus lane…..?

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