An Emigrant Bids Farewell



Opposite Ferryport, Dublin Port this morning

Eoin Dunleavy writes:

“Just leaving on the ferry (yes, another emigrant!) and noticed this pile of junk falling into the Liffey just opposite the Irish ferries terminal in Dublin port. It’s pretty ridiculous this is happening but then again who’s really surprised? They’re polluting our beautiful Irish Water! Who knows, maybe they’re stockpiling for the incinerator already. Apologies for the poor quality photo. Yours in emigration and shipping news…”


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24 thoughts on “An Emigrant Bids Farewell

  1. Wayne.F

    It has been there years and is one of many waste processing points in the area, were waste is processed and sorted before being exported. In fact the incinerator will reduce this waste exporting by a significant amount.

    If the waste is falling into the Liffey it would be unusual and the first time I’ve seen it despite using that route many times a year

      1. Wayne.F

        Use the ferries 3-6 times a year! You assumed it was for emigration purposes rather than, travel, sports participation purposes

  2. Dhaughton99

    All our waste metals which get shipped out regularly. Pretty much all liquids are removed before going to that area.

    1. Spaghetti Hoop

      The ferries are still around you know. Can be far easier than flying sometimes, depending on your reasons for travel.

  3. Tommy

    I saw this last week. It looks like normal refuse but when you get up close it is 1000s of compressed cars stacked up. In other news the water flowing from that storage area looks awfully polluted by chemicals.

    1. Medium Sized C

      You’d look silly singing “thousands are sailing” on a plane.
      Plus people don’t like singing on planes.

      1. Robyn

        They have no problem clapping on planes though, but I’m not sure if the celebration is that they got there on time or got there alive.

  4. Mayor Quimby

    stock piling metal for incineration? Incineration???

    Typical middle class person who doesn’t realise that metal is reused via junkyards.

    1. Wayne.F

      There are multiple yards along that stretch of the river, some are scrap that is exported, some is material that could be incinerated, but all is being exported once processed.

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